3/24/16 10:30am + Sandy's antics in My Coffee Spot

  • March 24, 2016, 10:53 a.m.
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COFFEE: Chock Full of Nuts
CREAMER: Non-Dairy powder (plain)
SUGAR: 3 Packets of a Sweet and Low store brand

EATING: S’mores Poptart!

WATCHING: Nothing at the moment, tv is on but i gotta find something to watch. A bunch of Unsolved Mysteries are on my dvr though..

WEATHER: Cool into the 40s and overcast

Not feeling too good today. Late last night i got my period. Not fun. Mild cramping right now. i just hope it stays mild…

Sandy gave me a problem yesterday when i tried to put collar on her. She didn’t wanna go out after i took it off in the afternoon to put her Rabies iD tag on it. She gave me an attitude. But she woke me up at 1:30 am scratching the door wanting to go out. It took me 10 mins to get that damn collar on her. But i did it! With the help of a Pupperoni treat in my hand and her bladder. i knew id be able to get it on her if she really had to go and was by the door. Outside She did two of each, walked a lil too. i wasn’t sure after her antics i’d be able to go back to sleep but i did. What a day yesterday o.O !!

My aunt said sandy knew i got my period and i wasn’t gonna take her shit. i wasn’t gonna stop to try to put her collar on last night like my mom wanted me to… she was getting nervous. But sandy had to go and i had to take her out. I’m glad she finally relented in me putting it on her.

My dog can be the sweetest thing! Untill you try to put something on her then she turns into Cujo psycho nut!! lol. i can never figure out why, there’s no reason for it. Well at least she’s 90% angel :)

i wrote more then usual in here. But i dont feel up to writing about what happened in my regular journal book right now.

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