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  • Feb. 10, 2016, 1:17 a.m.
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Little man is learning to grab things, and now loves stuffing his fists in his mouth. Slobber. Central.

He’s also about had it with swaddling, so this is the first night we’re trying him sleeping in his cosleeper without being swaddled.. I admit, I’m apprehensive, but we’ll see.

Thomas is still struggling with how to interact with him, but I’m confident he’ll figure it out. As little man grows, I think it will get easier for him. Babies are weird, I get it. I’m kind of amazed at how well I’m adapting to him, considering my limited interaction with them prior to giving birth.

Little man is getting multisyllabic with his baby talk. F’ing. Adorable. This kid has my heart, I swear. We bought him a 10-pack of classic kids’ books, which I’m excited about. He also got a little Tigger and Pooh plushy, ones that are little enough for him to cuddle with. The cute is killer.

I already need to go through his clothes. Little guy is growing like a weed and eating a ton. At 2 months he’s already up to 6oz bottles.. He’s going to be huge. O_O

His smile melts my heart, and he’s such a sweet, happy boy. I am so lucky. ❤❤❤


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