not made to be a SAHM in Mommy Anonymous

  • Jan. 22, 2016, 6:28 p.m.
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My little man is asleep on my shoulder in a full-on milk coma, puffing his stinky milk breath directly in my face. He’s such a precious little monster.

I’ve been home alone with him all day. MIL is at work and the guys are out of town on a show. I love my little guy, more than anything else in the world, but damn am I not equipped to be a stay-at-home mom. I couldn’t get anything done. Babies are insanely needy, demanding little monsters. Sure, they sleep a lot, but my little guy doesn’t sleep very soundly, so every 15-20 minutes I’m giving him back his paci or rocking his sleeper or checking his diaper. The only time he naps really soundly is when he’s on my chest, which leaves me pinned down by 12lbs of sleeping cute. I guess it’s good to have Netflix..

I’m not too worried about his sleep habits, in general. Some days are better than others, and most nights he sleeps really well in his cosleeper beside the bed. Swaddling is my best friend, and it knocks his cute butt right out. Poor bud has been gassy, though, so last night wasn’t great, which hasn’t made today any better, and I’ve been cranky the last few days. I’m pretty sure it’s from my birth control; I’ve been nauseous, moody, just bleh. Gods help me if I’m pregnant again.. Argh.

I’m definitely between wanting no more babies and just loving the hell out of my little man, and having ALL THE BABIES. It’s a strange feeling. I love my little man so very much! It’s hard being frustrated with his neediness and still adoring him every fussy minute. I guess that’s another strange aspect of parenthood. His smile makes my chest ache, and when he laughs at me, I smile until my face hurts. He’s abominably, diabolically adorable.

Onward and upward we go with the parenting..


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