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  • Dec. 13, 2015, 11:03 p.m.
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Umm, so apparently parenting is all about the little things, like getting my kid to sleep after only 10 minutes of singing. Like, wow. He’s 12 days old, and after ensuring he was fed (Jesus F this kid eats!), burped, wearing a fresh diaper and nightie, and swaddled, I sang him Hotel California and Lying Eyes and he was out. He’s still kind of cooing occasionally, which is why I’m writing this on my phone instead of being half asleep and drooling already, just in case he wakes up and fusses.

Back to him eating… Seriously, this kid will put back almost 6oz in a sitting. Wtf, critter. That’s WAY more than he should supposedly be eating. No wonder my poor boobs can’t keep up. I can barely pump 4-5 times a day, though, and I’m lucky if I get 6-8oz total. Sigh. Silly boobs. Thankfully we’re blessed to live in a developed country with great options for infant nutrition, so he’s getting both booby and formula. He’s easy, will jump on a boob or a bottle, basically whatever you stick in his mouth. He’s super easy to please, bless his tiny heart.

He also holds his head up. Not for long and not steadily, but he can do it! At less than 2 weeks! I know, everyone thinks their kid is amazing, but c’mon. Mine is really making a case for himself. He’s just so stinkin’ cute. He pees a LOT, and it’s perhaps his only fault.

I put him in a sling today just to try it, and he fell right asleep. We went to a street fair and he slept through it in his stroller. Same thing when we stopped at petsmart. This kid is a trooper! I swear, nothing phases him. He slept from midnight to 7am last night. My mom swears that’s exactly how I was as a baby. Someone warned me today not to fall prey to the idea that a second kid would be easy, because that’s how they get you: the first paves a smooth path and the second is a demon. It sounds pretty accurate!

We may end up taking our first roadtrip very soon, though I’m hoping not. I’d rather not test his endurance and awesomeness. We’ll see what happens..


Justlovely December 14, 2015

ahhhh.... he's the "trick" baby. He will be easy and lovely and fun and convince you that parenting is really no big deal. You'll wonder what all the fuss is about you hear from other parents...then you have a second baby...LOL. Glad you're having fun with him. This is the good stuff. Thank you for sharing it all with us.

Two Hermits and a Cat December 14, 2015

Every new mom dealing with a baby who won't sleep and constant screaming and eating problems is cursing your name right now. Maybe he'll make up for it with a really nasty Terrible Twos phase! In the mean time, I'm glad he's going easy on you!

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