The 60s in Two Different Ways... in The Town of Llareggub

  • Oct. 9, 2015, 3:15 a.m.
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I could hear Eric’s voice screaming at me in my head tonight as I ventured out to walk what I call the Small Bunny Trail around my apartment earlier tonight. I saw no one was out there, so I limped about happily without embarrassment, feeling free and enjoying being in moderately fast motion for the first time in two days. The weather was ideal for my tastes tonight, in the upper 60s. When I’ve been hurt, I’m the type that tries to walk normally or at least look like I’m walking normally enough in front of people, especially strangers. Then when they’re out of view, I’ll limp along as I please. I hit the bottom of my heel really hard a couple of nights ago and woke the next morning unable to put any pressure or weight on it at all without extreme pain. So I’ve been sitting here bored ever since. Eric, William’s best friend who’s a recently retired army medic, looked at it for me and told me it wasn’t broken, just bruised, and that I should absolutely not walk around on it until it felt better. He also told me to ice it and keep it elevated.

Today, it felt about 25% better, but still hard to get around on. I stayed inside all day yesterday and most of today, but I felt so cramped in and frustrated. William wanted me to stay home and off my foot when he went to the grocery store down the street tonight, but after a little persuasion, he agreed to let me come with him if I stayed in the car while he went in. I just wore a shabby faded hot pink Ocean City t-shirt and some old yoga pants, since I wasn’t supposed to get down. I did get down briefly, though, when he went in the store, to go into the Rite Aid next door to look for another toothbrush to have on backup, but they didn’t have the kind I wanted. When we came home, I ventured out briefly to enjoy the air for a minute, and ended up rushing around the small bunny trail while trying to stay off my hurt heel, hobbling along as fast as I could, and I’m so glad I did because it felt so good to be in motion and feel the cool air of the night flowing in between tendrils of my lightly brushed but unstyled and slightly messy hair. Last night and tonight, I actually got so bored I organized two of my underwear drawers. I threw out all of the cute lacy gauzy undies that were more than 5 years old, as they’d been feeling rough against those delicate areas of skin, and turned around the bras in another drawer so that I can see them all when I open the drawer, and moved my white lingerie babydoll and thong sets into another drawer, with similar sets in wilder colors, mainly shades of pink and red. So I changed the status of my lingerie outfits from segregated to integrated. Let’s hope I don’t open my drawer tomorrow and find a ripped up heap of lacy carnage! Perhaps they’ll surprise me and take each other to the prom!

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