Everything But Schnapps... in The Town of Llareggub

  • Aug. 31, 2015, 4:39 a.m.
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I must admit I love anything peach flavored! Peach pie, peach preserves, peach cookies, my new Georgia peach & sweet tea shower gel and body wash set…Right now, I am lightly sucking on an Outshine Peach Frozen Yogurt bar…delicious, more in the flavor profile of healthy yogurt in a little carton than what we think of as frozen yogurt, which is sweeter and creamier, but I still love it! Sipping occasionally on some iced peach green tea too, which I brew quite frequently. I remember this song in the 90s by The Presidents of The United States of America, called “Peaches”:

Movin’ to the country, Gonna eat a lot of peaches…Every teenager in the heavily forested suburbs northeast of Houston, TX, used to swear this song was about oral sex.

I remember my little township was nicknamed “The Livable Forest” and I’d walk to school and back every day through these trails into the colorful rainforest-like woods. That is, every day that I went to school, which really wasn’t that many. My mom and I lived there while I was in 8th grade and 9th. Such romantic years, ages 13 and 14, when my perception of the whole world blossomed anew and I began to shapeshift, be reborn as a young woman. I could walk to school all through 8th grade, and on some days, even when I didn’t go, I’d skulk through the trails and wander around and breathe in the luscious wilderness.

I remember the historic flood we had and many people all around me being rescued in little boats. I was taken out on my mom’s best friend’s brother-in-law’s shoulders, clutching my arms around his neck and shivering and terrified. The water went up to his chest. I wore a small backpack with clothing and bath products in it and carefully kept my feet above the water level so I could avoid needing a tetanus shot, as the water had risen the sewers. I remember he was a banker. I’ve been told by my mom and others that he was an asshole of a man, but I’ll always adore him for rescuing me like that, so valiantly. We don’t encounter many people who become our own personal heroes in our lives.

I remember the feeling of trust I had for him sitting up on his shoulders. Kind of like the trust we put in God when we take a leap of faith. A couple of other men in the near distance fell trying to carry people out like that. But he didn’t. I wish I remembered his first name. He carried me through a flood, and then told me after that I didn’t weigh anything at all.

I spent the next two weeks taking care of his children while he and his wife were at work. I was just glad I didn’t have to go to school, because it was cancelled. Silver linings, I guess.

Before all that, before we knew how bad it was going to get, I remember seeing only the roof of a house sticking up from the water level below a bridge my mom and I were taking to get home. We saw a TV float on by, and a street sign. A couple of hours later, the bridge was underwater too.

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