Order from Chaos in The Town of Llareggub

  • Aug. 14, 2015, 5:04 a.m.
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I rarely get upset when something I’ve ordered online doesn’t end up fitting right or looking right once I try it on at home, because I’m honestly equally happy to get the money back as I am adding to my eternally expansive wardrobe. The pants I’d been eyeing for weeks online at Urban Outfitters were all on sale last week, so I ordered a bunch, but so far, none of them have worked out. So I get a lot of money back, at least. I was most excited about the high rise skinny corduroys, which I ordered in wine, which turned out to be plum, and navy, which was indeed a very rich shade of deep blue. The material was lovely, but when I tried them on, they were a little loose on the hips in a way that added unflattering volume and puffiness. Too loose on the thighs, too. As I have been on a quest for several years to find corduroys that are actually flattering, I was a little bit disappointed. Went to the store to return them, and tried them in the size down from what I usually wear, but they were too tight at the waist. Shame. I did order some corduroy short shorts in dark berry, which turned out to be more like cinnamon, for early fall, that were flattering enough, so there’s that. It seems kind of odd to me to wear corduroy shorts…the length seems contrary to the season, but I suppose for weather in the 60s, it could be paired with an occasional light sweater or long sleeve t-shirt, and either worn alone or with pantyhose under, or perhaps knee socks instead. I am more likely to wear knee socks, as I tend to only wear full pantyhose on rare occasions. I’m more of a thigh-high person, but that would look too slutty with a short hemline. I think I bought the corduroy shorts to have a new type of base to play around with. A small challenge, of sorts. A seed for a new set of clothing options. Fun, fun. This entry is really just for myself. The depths of shallowness. I do indeed have the show Daria on in the background.

But seriously, thinking about clothing and planning outfits really soothes my mind like nothing else. Like nothing else but math, actually. Planning outfits and doing math problems both give my brain the exact same sensation. I’ve always said putting together an outfit is like balancing a visual equation. I don’t mind if the equation is the simplest ever, as long as it’s well balanced. Complexity is more difficult to balance, and therefore, can be a lot more fun. Though, whatever it entails, my mind and body tend to prefer single layers, unless you count underwear. Like, one top and one bottom, or one dress paired with the perfect shoes, or one shirt, one skirt, one pair of hosiery, one pair of heels, etc. No matter the complexity of pattern, texture, curve, and line, this does tend to be a unifying primer for my style preferences. I only wear multiple layers in cold weather, because I have to. Because I don’t want to be cold. Coordinating the layers to go on top of each other is rather easy, too, and naturally mathematical, but I just don’t gravitate towards it unless I have to. I wonder why. Laziness? A desire to simplify complex possibilities? A sense of pragmatism I just can’t escape? A desire for cleanliness in design? Is that last one the same as the one before? Are the last two the same as the one before them?

Ah, the complexities of thought that can lead to something so perfectly simple…

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