Bouncy Bouncy... in The Town of Llareggub

  • Aug. 1, 2015, 1:48 a.m.
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I approached him in the hallway to talk about something unimportant, can’t even remember what, and while I was talking, he kept circling his thumb around my bare nipple. His hands cupped around my breasts and moved down to feel my ass and then back again and then one hand on each. I lost my train of thought and he took me into the bedroom and licked me from behind while I was on all fours until I came several times on his face and my knees could barely hold me up anymore. When I was done, I sucked on him for a while until he was ready to cum and then I threw myself down on my back and he came all over my tits. Some got on the comforter as well, on his side, and I’ve been meaning to throw it in the wash but just haven’t found time today.

Today I watched an hour of the Special Olympics World Games coverage and then found a cheesy 70’s movie just starting called Special Olympics on an unrelated channel. Both were very cute. Now all these white people are fucking each other on my tv screen, or at least pretending to, and I don’t even know why. Somehow it’s not considered porn, maybe because it doesn’t explicitly show the penises going in or close up shots of the vaginas spitting out sperm. Just a bunch of titties and asses and fake tattoos bouncing up and down and lovely thighs in the air.

I want to wear a cute little dress tomorrow and do something summery and frivolous while this little part of the world is indeed still summery and frivolous.

Last updated August 01, 2015

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