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  • July 27, 2015, 8:40 p.m.
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This may sound strange, but I think I should be hooked on more tv shows right now. As of this week, with Wayward Pines being over, and rather disappointingly so, my dvr is only set to record two shows: Pretty Little Liars (such a guilty pleasure) and Scream. Scream, I only just kind of like. The cheesiness is expected, but when it was pointed out to me that it borrows thoroughly from Pretty Little Liars, the young unwed mother of cheesy murder mystery tv, I kind of lost some respect for it. Incidentally, William has gotten hooked on Pretty Little Liars and now watches it with me every week, which I find absolutely hilarious. I end up watching the shows right away, with him, and then I have nothing, like zero shows, recorded on my dvr box and waiting with arms wide open for me to run into when unforeseen boredom strikes. Hopefully, in fall, stuff will start back up. Though, these two will be in hiatus. Well, Scream’s only supposed to be ten episodes long, I believe.

Don’t think I don’t have plenty to do, because I do, but sometimes, I just want to lay across the couch and relax with some marathon series watching. There never seems to be anything on when I want to do this. Occasionally I catch an episode of Louie, Portlandia, or Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and enjoy them a lot, but can’t really handle any other modern comedy or sitcom. I DESPISE Big Bang Theory– I’ve tried to get into it, but the characters are too contrived for me, and I don’t find the writing funny. I end up getting annoyed with laugh tracks when I’m not laughing at all with them, not even a little bit on the inside. I much prefer Freaks & Geeks from fifteen years ago, because the acting is more natural and the writing’s a lot funnier and more relatable, though I admit I like the geeks a lot more than the freaks. But I really am looking for new shows here. Other things that stand in the way are that I’ve grown absolutely tired of any reality tv show, including the competitive shows like Project Runway, Top Chef, etc., which I used to be hooked on, and I can’t handle these modern cartoon shows either. Too crass and disgusting for me. From the past ten years, I’ve only really enjoyed Mike Judge cartoons. And yes, oddly enough, Beavis & Butthead, both the classic original seasons and the one from a couple of years ago, have not been too crass or disgusting for me. Or maybe I’m laughing even more than I’m grossed out. Family Guy has always been intolerable to me. I hate even looking at the characters. South Park’s really lost its charm to me in the past ten years and been put in the too-crass-and-gross category.

Other shows that will hopefully record for me as the year progresses are Bates Motel, which I adore so, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, which is another guilty pleasure, though is totally going to suck even worse than normal with its star written out, whatever American Horror Story theme this year, a show I have such a love/hate relationship with…love what it could do with its characters and plots/ hate what it actually does with its characters and plots…and I’m trying to think of any others I have set to dvr…Let’s see, I used to have a recording set for Awkward, though it got really annoying after a couple of seasons…the episode last year in which the lead character states at the beginning that she needs to come up with a “New Deal” to end her great depression, and something along the lines of because everyone knows The New Deal ended the Great Depression just pissed me the fuck off with its historical inaccuracy and liberal history-rewriting agenda. Is that seriously what they’re teaching these kids in school these days? I mean, I find FDR as fascinating as the next person, but if you look at what the New Deal entailed, what the cause of the Crash of ‘29 actually was, and what the effects were of the policies of the New Deal, it’s easy to see that it perpetuated the crisis and even possibly made it a lot worse. Even FDR himself recognized that under Hoover, the incumbent president he defeated out of office, it was overly-interfering policies (such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff) that were the cause of a lot of economic suffering. He criticized Hoover at length during his campaign for being too socialistic. Then turned around and reigned in the same manner once he had the ability. At one point, FDR put a bill into congress to tax people making over a certain amount 100% of their income. Congress lowered the percentage to 80%, I believe. Anyway, I shouldn’t go too far in the direction of this tangent, or I may never stop…

If anyone knows of any fun or great new tv shows for me to try out, I will welcome suggestions.

I also have trouble watching like swords and sorcery shows, stuff with dragons and knights and ogres and orcs. Like Game of Thrones. Can’t watch it. I know my tastes seem rather impossible compared to the trends of right now, and I apologize for that, but if anyone has any tv show suggestions for me to try out, I would absolutely love to hear them! My dvr box lies desolate and yearning…

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