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  • June 26, 2024, 11:04 p.m.
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The incredulousness of being considered a senior citizen now. I’ve been grappling with that for sometime now. I’ve tried to research and find what age is a person a senior citizen. What age is a person considered old?

I recently saw some ad about retirement and old people and it mentioned boomers my generation and I’m like what the fuck you mean old people my generation? There was a photo of an old man and an old woman, and I’m thinking fuuuuuck me! Those are some old motherfuckers. I can’t be part of their group. I just don’t think of myself is looking like one of those old people we’re feeling like one whatever feeling like an old person is like. I recall the gripes bitches and moans of my current generation. I remember the laments about My Generation, as it always seems so silly to me. You bunch of old fucks think we’re so stupid and bad? Now I hear that people of my generation are talking the same shit. I try not to. I try not to sound like my parents generation did like my parents generation did about my generation. It’s a very weird thing if not sick to me with how bigoted it is that so many speak of my generation of boomers with such distain and contempt. But I think that’s the way we talked about our elders without any Internet to amplify it.

I was in the dental office waiting room and I noticed a couple of old ladies sitting and waiting and acting like old ladies sitting and waiting, and it occurred to me that fuck me these bitches are probably my age if not younger and here I am looking at them as old ladies. Hey, you prick take a look in the mirror. I do, but I just don’t see some decrepit old bastard. I see people in my generation bent and bitching and I wonder what the hell happened you people why don’t you rock ‘n’ roll? Maybe they do maybe they boogie-woogie at home. I do at home and I do while driving crank that fucker up crank that rock ‘n’ roll up. But at home I wear those wonderful Bluetooth headphones my parents wish or if they had known about them probably wish I had had as a kid to make their lives easier.

On impulse, I called my oldest brother who is 73. Now that motherfucker sounds old. It took him about 10 rings to go six steps to pick up that phone at his house. And then he had a moaning voice and I’m saying Jeff are you fucking dying or what? No, he just got out of a chair. I didn’t have anything to say, but I spent about 30 minutes, busting his balls and bullshitting about nothing or maybe just about being old people now. I was very lucid and speaking fairly fast, but he sounded out of it like he was stoned, but he never uses drugs. He told me that he had tripped and fallen going off the back door and he hit the ground and he thought it was funny. I got pissed at the dude. He has a cell phone, but he doesn’t use it. I told him keep that fucker in your pocket whenever you go out the door so that if you do fall and break something or hurt yourself, you can call those three numbers for help. He acted like an idiot, laughing about it, and I am saying you stupid motherfucker you’ve lost muscle mass over the years and bone mass and your bones are quite fragile because you don’t exercise with your muscles. He laughed off that because he thinks he’s muscular and I try to tell him that he is a bent old man with skinny arms and legs. He thinks he could be a bad ass, but I tell him to watch what the hell you say to people and don’t piss off anybody to get an ass whipping. Something I tell myself as well. I patiently tried to tell him that we are of that age where you don’t bounce when you fall you break. Something I keep in mind when I am walking down those three steps of my porch. As I told my brother and I told myself walk with care, hold onto things eat that fucking pride and save your life. I care deeply about my oldest brother, but he just laughs off everything and nobody can tell him shit. I look at him and I wonder do I look similar to that? I still have some muscle left and I hope my bones are good because I have a very good diet. I told my brother I had to get off the phone and go for a walk on my treadmill for an hour hoping he would get a hint to get his ass moving.

I did walk on the treadmill for an hour today and it felt great. When I was young, I ran long distance and now I have memories of that. When I was young, I could run with reckless abandon over all kinds of surfaces, not even imagining breaking an ankle, etc. now walking in the treadmill, I keep my hands near the handrails but most of the time I try to walk with my arms moving with my gait. Good exercise for balance good practice. Explain to my brother-in-law how there’s a deadman switch on a treadmill so if I fall down the treadmill shuts off. I have bad circulation in my toes and so they are often numb and that makes my balance a bit off. I am now getting in a habit a very conscious habit of walking and doing things mindfully. Not trusting automatic responses from my body. OK robot step here lift that up move this put that there do this etc. consciously. It helps. But I enjoy my walking being able to vary the speed on the treadmill and the incline. I enjoy pushing myself so that I can talk as I walk and then increasing the speed. Fuck this talking bullshit. Just try to breathe. Takes me back to my youth of running. I like to think it’s helping keeping me alive. I recently got some dumbbells and I need to find what exercises to use to build more muscle and help my bones. The exercise is also good for the brain. I often feel like a young man wearing a fat suit. I say to myself OK bitch let’s wear off this fat suit.

I continue to be incredulous that my generation became senior citizens. We have to pay attention to things like walking and not falling down. I do think many need to trash that conventional erroneous thinking about what it is to be old and act old. How are you supposed to act and look as a senior citizen? Trash it. Rock ‘n’ roll baby. Not for memory Lane because it’s the music that made us feel so good and still does. The music of Youth that keeps us kicking. So put away all those goddamn photos of your grandkids don’t even think about playing bingo and just act the age of feel inside and I hope like hell you feel like the age of Aquarius boomers we once were. I lost my hair and I shaved my head, but I can still shake that hair around my head because that’s how I feel inside.

Mr. Mofo June 27, 2024

I liked this one Scott. I hate ageing, but this was an inciteful entry.]

Take care.

Scott Mr. Mofo ⋅ June 27, 2024

It was fun because the profanity for me just letting shit flow🤣

Mr. Mofo Scott ⋅ June 27, 2024

Gotta fuckin curse on occasion

Scott Mr. Mofo ⋅ June 27, 2024

Yes after every other breath for me ;-)

Deleted user June 27, 2024

Awesome entry!

Scott Deleted user ⋅ June 27, 2024

Thank you and the use of profanity was fun🤣

FragileGlass June 27, 2024

My Mom is a baby boomer.

Scott FragileGlass ⋅ June 27, 2024

Please try to forgive her. ;-)

FragileGlass Scott ⋅ June 27, 2024

I love her and she is not in need of forgiveness from me.

Scott FragileGlass ⋅ June 27, 2024

From what I read on the net, those Boomers are monsters and ruined the world! (Said the Boomer).

FragileGlass Scott ⋅ June 30, 2024

You know you aren’t suppose to believe everything you read, right?

Scott FragileGlass ⋅ June 30, 2024

I only believe the stupid stuff

FragileGlass Scott ⋅ July 03, 2024


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