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  • June 25, 2024, 7:34 p.m.
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As I have mentioned, a former coworker of mine died in May. Yesterday I went through all the photos and videos I have of the factory I worked in with Buddy. I found a few photos of Buddy and I sent them to one of his daughters on Facebook. She was very grateful. I never knew his family, but I heard him talk about them often. He talked about them with much love, and I told her that. While looking through the photos for several hours, I noticed someone sent me a friend request and was very surprised to find out that Buddies widow sent me a friend request. I accepted and exchanged messages with her. I shared a little stories about her late husband and what a good man he was, and I was being totally honest. It felt good. At times, I felt tearful but fought the tears back. I told Lori about how her husband talked so lovingly about her and their family when we worked together. it was a good feeling. I told her that I would not be going to the memorial service because I had some bad feeling towards some of my former coworkers. I believe she understood.

Last night, I found it hard to sleep because I was haunted by some of the video I’d seen that showed buddy and another man named Mitch together talking. Both of the men are now dead. I suppose that’s quite common with old film, but it hit me with the gooseflesh. At the same time, it was good to see them again alive. Mitch killed himself, but I have some doubts about that because he shot himself in the chest. That just never sounded right. Mitch was a great guy too, but his marriage made him go a bit crazy. We kept telling him to just leave her and find a better woman. I am probably not the only person that knew him that wonders if there was something they could’ve said to make him change his mind about killing himself. As for buddy, I had to ask his wife if he had been given much morphine as he was dying and she said yes, he had used much. That was relief to hear. The last night of my mother‘s life, I and others took turns giving her morphine at intervals and I wondered if we did not speed her demise but if we did with the morphine, it was a good way to go.

I did not get much sleep last night because around 3 o’clock in the morning with my window open the horrid odor of a skunk entered my room. Fortunately, I have a substance that will remove odors, such as that. It does take a little time. When you smell a skunk when you’re trying to sleep or at least for me, I will sometimes put sheets or my face cover the smell. Fortunately, I could laugh at my reaction. You stinky motherfucker, get out of my yard.

Today I had two dental appointments One after the other. I’ve had a very painful tooth for a few weeks. My dentist had me on antibiotics just in case there was an infection. I always enjoy myself when I go to that office because there is a sense of worker harmony. The crew gets along well. There is always some enjoyable conversation with the employees there. My dentist just looked at the troublesome truth and said it was a hole far below it near the base that she could not put a filling in. She said it had to be pulled. That made me laugh because I’ve had so many teeth pulled. Her husband is the doctor that does that sort of work. He’s a good dude and I will tell him most probably sorry that we have to meet this way again. I told my dentist it’s a good thing that I like smoothies😄. After the exam and x-rays, I went to get my teeth cleaned in another room. The x-rays were amusing to me because I have so few teeth in my lower mouth to be able to take x-rays with by biting. OK, let me get my gums around this thing. Yes, I always have a good time in the dentist office. Getting teeth pulled is always very interesting to me because I don’t feel much as far as pain goes and there’s all the motion that goes into it of tugging and working a tooth loose. Oh, and the suctioning of blood and other materials. Wow, there goes part of me into the garbage. Many years ago, I had a tooth that was very infected and I went to see a dentist about it and she said we are taking this out now because the infection was headed up my neck into my brain. Tooth was removed and antibiotics given. 200 years ago such a thing would’ve killed a person. Or maybe even 100 years ago. I was relieved to hear today that I don’t have gum disease.

Some friends on the Internet have noticed how much I love my birds and yes, I truly do. Nice thing about pets is you can easily confess your love to them for them. They don’t act embarrassed they just accept it. But it feels so good to tell someone another life form how much I love them. I think we all reach a point of great growth within when we can tell someone anyone anything that we love them and not feel uncomfortable about it. I told my friends widow that I loved your husband and she understood because he was such a good man a lovable human being. I feel so good that I have reached a stage in my life where I can love or say I do without any discomfort to have that freedom.

TrippyNina July 01, 2024

I'm glad you were able to connect with your buddies family and share some good stories.

Scott TrippyNina ⋅ July 01, 2024


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