OctoPhoMo 2014 in Announcements and General Info

  • Sept. 17, 2014, 6:09 a.m.
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01 About Me!

02 Storms OR Dreams

03 Apple Bobbing OR Halloween Prop

04 Twisted OR Straight

05 Textured OR Smooth

06 Message OR Beauty

07 Emotion OR Icon

08 Rainbow OR Pets

09 Metal OR Plastic

10 Macro OR Panoramic

11 Bad Habit OR Guilty Pleasure

12 Shadows OR Water

13 Priceless OR Worthless

14 Fear OR Inner Child

15 What’s Cooking? OR Body Part

16 Babies (animal or human) OR Smiles

17 Reflection OR Weather

18 Angel OR Insect

19 Country Life OR City Life

20 Leaves OR Bats

21 Faith OR Tradition

22 Witch OR Vampire

23 Pumpkin Patch OR Pumpkins

24 Orange OR Black

25 History OR Future

26 Woodland Animal OR Candles

27 Halloween Decorations OR Candy

28 Frankenstein OR Wolfman

29 Video Game OR Autumn Scene

30 Spooky OR Comfort

31 October Birthdays OR Tricks & Treats

01: There’s only one prompt for the first day and that’s because it’s a “Getting to Know You” photo. I think this is a great way to start event this year by everyone seeing a picture from you that shows something or somethings about you as a person. I hope everyone doesn’t mind doing that one. We did this prompt back in 2010 during the December Photography Month.

29: The video game prompt can be a photo taken in your game. The image DOES need to be taken by you of your game play. For instance I’ll probably take a photo of something I stage in my Sims 3 as taking photos is part of the game engine. If a game you like doesn’t have that function you can try a screenshot or do the other prompt if you aren’t into video games at all.

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Leanne 🌈 September 17, 2014


Mermy Cullen September 19, 2014

Yay!! Sign me up sister!!

Photography Months Mermy Cullen ⋅ September 19, 2014

Added! :)

Deleted user October 16, 2014

I'm printing these so I can play catch up.....since I'm like 16 days behind and I hope Wiley doesn't steal my print.....he likes paper....

Deleted user October 16, 2014

NOT to mention I just burned myself in the kitchen ... again...this time cause I slipped on the floor trying to close the gate to keep the dog out with my foot and did the classic banana pill slip.....luckily I only burnt a little bit near my elbow....sigh

Okay....I am going to brain storm and do a massive entry to catch up... feel free to use either entry from today as a non prompt thing for when you post later...but I will also do the prompt for today in my catch up.....

My husband wants me to get back into taking photos again, it's what his dad would want to...I stopped taking pictures when Dad died.....I think it's time to start again and this should be the perfect place to start.

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