Future climate, refugee problem in Onward Into Etc.!

  • Nov. 20, 2023, 11:36 p.m.
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Fortunately, I live in the state of Michigan in the north part of the USA. I believe the northern part of the USA and into Canada will be refugee Haven in the future. Of Americans and others trying to escape parts of the USA and other countries that will become unlivable due to global warming. The extreme heat in parts of the USA and other countries in 2023 were a sign of things to come. We have people living where there is very little water, but somehow they try to get it. They exhaust the aquifers. People try to live in places that are hostile to human life due to lack of water. There is a stupidity to this.

With some places becoming unlivable in this world, there will become a refugee problem in which millions of people will try to move to places with water and lesser temperatures. Meaning, livable places. I believe that Canada in particular will have a refugee problem. Ironically enough, it will be of Americans who wants to complained about Mexicans being a refugee problem. It will simply become an issue or it’s too fucking hot here time to move with millions of other people.

Back in the 70s when I was young, I read about all this possibly happening but decades further in the future. We have the means to slow down global warming, but not the political will to do it. There are half measures being enacted when we need a total focus on this. End the stupid little wars the political and religious, stupid conflicts and focus on saving life on this planet.

It is surreal to me that what science predicted happening when I was young far in the future is coming to pass, and I a witness to it if not a victim. As I said so much of what was predicted to happen farther in the future is happening much sooner due in great part to human greed and stupidity.

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