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  • Nov. 11, 2023, 9:27 p.m.
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I have seen video of apes and chimps, making threatening, motions and noise. I realized, or believe that when let’s say a recent Russian official threatened nuclear war, as they have done many times, it was so much like our primitive relatives, making signs and motions of fear.

I think I see this in many News articles. They believe or want us to believe they are reporting the news facts of what is happening someplace. But so much is presented as fear and this fear or our attraction to it is what it gets us to click on that article. Our attraction to fear is what gets us to listen to people threatening nuclear war.

There is so much use of fear. It’s used to control people. I asked myself about my own biases, such as the environmental movement, and I see that sometimes fear in that respect can be a motivation to act and do good. Such as saving the world from the idiocy of humanity.

My father used fear as a manipulative tool. His power was fear. Other parents and people will manipulate with the power of love. My father likes so many manipulated with fear. I feared him for his power. When I was young, I believe that he broke me with fear. Governments and religions also do that to weaken people and get them compliant.

I am aware of this and now when I read news articles, I am a little bit cold aloof from what I am reading. It helps me to see through the fear that is being used in reporting. In a way, I think that fear strips us of some of our humanity. Our higher loving humanity to care for one another. But then, too, it can make people band together against a common threat or one in which they are manipulated to believe is a threat. Such as in times of war.

I grew up fearing nuclear war because of the Cold War. I grew up fearing the eventual, slow death of all life on earth through global warming. But something in me changed. I got tired of being afraid. It’s been a relief to let it go. To read of generals, snarling , and growling about military threats that could destroy all humanity and life on earth. I understand that if it happens, I cannot stop it. I look at Covid or any other epidemic and I think to myself get vaccinated. Believe in them take precautions and if you live you live if you die you die. There is very little single humans can do about the earth dying of global warming. We can choose to vote for those who want to save us. We can do small protests. To make ourselves feel better like we are doing something and not just nothing we can turn the lights off and use less energy. Little things, but what we cannot affect, we need not fear. What we cannot do anything about we need not fear. It will happen.

Rationally logically we do all we can to protect ourselves from what might kill us or cripple us. We hear the snarling of the primate generals and politicians. But to ease our fear, we look at what we can, or cannot do to end our own destruction. Being afraid so much is a slow end in itself to destruction.

Look at what you can, and cannot do to save your ass and when you see the end of it and you cannot do more fuck it stop the fear let it go and go Have a nice day.

Gulf Girl November 12, 2023

I agree that it's just fear-mongering. There's no way there's going to be a nuclear war. People are stupid but not that stupid.

Scott Gulf Girl ⋅ November 12, 2023

There was or is a song by Sting or was it the police about did the Russians love their children too? They do.

Gulf Girl Scott ⋅ November 12, 2023

I remember the song.

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