Remembering Sounds in OLD

  • Nov. 5, 2023, 9:26 p.m.
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I’m always amazed at what memories my mind retains. Recently, I heard the sound of machinery in my mind. I realized it was a memory of machines where I used to work. What was once an annoying noise that I cringed from I now felt a joy, remembering. I tested my memory by thinking of things from my old workplace. Do I remember the sounds of doors opening and closing? Yes I do I did. As I recite this, using voice to text, I hear a chuff noise in my mind. The sound of the very old front door of the factory closing. I’ve been curious about what I can remember from that place and there’s a comfort when I do remember things because it was one so familiar.

I’ve tested myself asking myself. What sounds I can remember and what comes to mind. I remember a joyful sound a peaceful sound of leaves in the wind as I crouched in a tree after climbing it as a teenager.

Do I remember the sounds of a creek near my childhood so long ago? I try to, but I wonder if I imagine things.

Do I remember the sounds of the sawmill I once spent a few months in when I was a very young man. Yes I do. Especially the massive blade that cut the logs. There was a machine that shook the refuse pieces of wood into a machine that chipped them. It was a little frightening, because I knew that if someone got into that trough with the wood pieces, they would not escape the chipper with the blades on a massive steel wheel that were at least 6 inches long.

I’ve asked myself what sounds do I remember if a dog I once owned. I do remember, and there was joy in the memory of his voice.

I remember bits and pieces of my parents voices. With people we remember them in a mix from different ages of ourselves and their selves. But hey memory, you got the idea.

I was joking today, with my oldest brother, about how cursed we all are to remember the advertisements that played on the TV for so many years from our youth on to present so much garbage noise flittering about in our memories. There are things that I cringe from other things I want to play over and over as the soundtrack to my life. Snippets of sound that were joyful times in my life or simply what we call the good old days.

TrippyNina November 06, 2023

I have found that my sense of smell is what triggers my memory the most.

Scott TrippyNina ⋅ November 06, 2023

Yes same here or with both. I have been surprised that I remember sounds the way I do.

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