Dreams Feeling Real in OLD

  • Nov. 4, 2023, 3:20 a.m.
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A couple nights ago I had a dream in which I was back at the factory working. In the lunchroom and woman was being beaten by her boyfriend, and she had said oh it’s OK. I pulled him off her. Then I found out he was some kind of a criminal person,Tough guy. That’s how the dream ended with feeling of dread that he was going to come after me. None of them had any kind of identifiable face. It was that strange, strange world. My subconscious has built up in which the factory is still there and I continue to work in it.

What seems a few minutes ago I woke from that dream, seemingly continued. But this time it was all about being afraid. The woman’s boyfriend came to the factory and sized me up. My dream said in the previous drain he had been drunk. He seemed friendly this time, but there was a great sense of evil about him. I’ve seen such experienced such an other men I’ve known. It’s a stay the fuck away from this person feeling. There was a part of the dream in which I talked to one of my brothers, who had been in the police force. I talked to him about getting a gun and he said he would fix it up with a license. Get that process going. I remember coworkers being afraid for me. I met the woman again and she told me her boyfriend was going to come after me and hurt me. In the dream I kept telling myself no this is the dream. How can it translate into the reality of my life? I had to wake myself up because of the dream I was thinking about how this person did not know where I lived in the real world. But I had to be careful in case he was coming after me.

I don’t believe in much symbolism of dreams what is very odd is to have a continued dream. Maybe it’s an echo of some criminality in my past. Long ago. But I’m lying in bed feeling a sense of dread. It’s silly and stupid. In this awake world, there should be nobody coming after me. It is automatic for me to check my surroundings and look at people around me and be situationally aware.

I don’t want such a life I want a nice boring life. Some weird shit. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll get my ass kicked in a dream and wake up bloody in my bed. That is totally insane. Too many movies for this kid.🤣

Vlad Dracula November 05, 2023

It's weird how dreams pull in things from the real world and mix it with stuff that makes it seem so real yet not.

Scott Vlad Dracula ⋅ November 05, 2023

So true and I just realized that whenever I’m lonely, I can look forward to dreams because I’m never alone in a dream. 🤣

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