I Think I’ve Been Watching The World Slowly End All My Life in OLD

  • Nov. 3, 2023, 1:37 p.m.
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It’s an interesting thought that came to me today. As a child, I thought the world might end with nuclear Armageddon back in I think it was 1963 with the Cuban missile crisis when the world became aware that nuclear weapons could end us all. Not the weapons but the idiots that would launch them.

I finally realized that was a distraction for humanity. So many weapons so much fear so much talk. It was a distraction from something that many people just laughed about. Pollution. Using upour resources. Water becoming one of the most precious resources and climate change or as I knew it back in the 70s global warming. For decades, the fear of nuclear Armageddon has been the big news fear. But I’ve come to realize unless there is an accident it won’t happen. And there have been a few accidents that were hushed up but known. No conspiracy theory to it. What so many people don’t understand about nuclear weapons is that it means destruction for everyone and most fairly sane leaders want to survive it in order to do that don’t do that. Don’t launch your little Nukes.

Meanwhile, behind-the-scenes of all the nuclear holocaust scenarios has been a steadily warming planet. There is no glamour to it like a good old end of the world war. It creeps up on us with extreme weather events with an accelerating droughts and higher and higher temperatures. But the stupid are in denial of it. If it still snows somewhere, there is no global warming. Decades ago I knew it would take a while and that is the sneaky bitch part of it. People don’t seem to equate flooding with climate change. Record high temperatures maybe. The denialists ignorantly talk about how climate changes normal. But they keep leaving out. It is accelerated by humanity, stupidity. The polar ice caps are melting at an incredible rate. But if some people can’t see it in their backyard, they don’t believe it.

For decades beyond science-fiction books that talked about it, a reality is coming true like so much science fiction becomes fact. There is little for the common people to do except try to shake the stupid out of our politicians and get them to wake up and do something about it not just for these presence generations, but for future. The future of the planet, and all living things on it.

We don’t have time to wait and see if the droughts are temporary or some aberration. There are places in the world that within 10 years are going to become unlivable due to heat. Water clean water has been used up the aquifers drained. Places like California are putting in programs to try to replenish those aquifers when there are excessive rains. And yet so many continue to want to live in deserts. With swimming pools and golf courses that all take up so much water.

People often talk about wars they hear about and see in the news. That is part of the stupidity of humanity. Wars for the most stupid thing, such as religion, ethnicity and simple hunger for power. In the USA, we have political bars that are often religion affected. Instead of moving forward and using resources to save the planet and all life on it, we have so many stupid politicians that focus on stupid things that really don’t matter. The world can power itself and renewable energy, but big, fossil fuel. Corporations don’t want to lose money on that. So they pay off their politicians. And we continue to have wars for nothing and political speeches for sheer stupidity.

If someone is stupid enough to blow us all the hell we can’t do anything about it. If not all the air conditioners in the world will not save us. That sneaky bastard people live in laughing about and at the same time nurturing by their disbelief is going to slowly possibly kill us all.

On the bright side, I have read about much technology that can save us if it is implemented now. Instead of throwing money at stupid shit use it for what can save us. Renewable energy is getting cheaper and cheaper. Several laboratories around the world have found living things I can eat plastic. There is so much that could be implemented, and used now to help us all but sadly, as in American politics the stupid are winning.

But I do still have hope.

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