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  • Oct. 17, 2023, 6:41 p.m.
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Today I had a lot of dental work done! I had three back teeth pulled and prepped for dental implants.... two of the teeth were broken into! I feel so good removing these painful teeth! before it’s all over and done with it will cost 29,000 some of which the insurance will pay but not much of it as dental insurance really sucks. He also is doing other dental work like repairing a tooth that is chipping and making me a dental guard for sleeping

I am having the best dental magic man in the area LOL He is very good and charges accordantly. He is a hard one to get into and won’t even see you if you don’t pay up front…

Tonight I am pretty much pain free for the first time in 5 months! I feel slight pain but it is a different kind of pain. I look forward to a better night sleep.

My grandson FaceTimed me and asked me if I had a booboo. I smiled and told him yes but it is better. then he was all about me showing him the new toys I got him! funny how something that little can make you feel so much better but he does

Scott October 17, 2023

3 teeth pulled? Damn.

theKat Scott ⋅ October 19, 2023

thank goodness they are in the back and I am having implants put in

Scott theKat ⋅ October 19, 2023

I have 6 teeth in the front of lower row of teeth. My dentist has been working on a bridge for both sides missing molars. I have much experience with tooth loss! "Dry socket" is a nightmare I would not wish on anyone and have fortunately never had.

Jodie October 17, 2023

Glad you are getting the work done...Even our dental is expensive.

❤️vee October 17, 2023

I need a night guard! although my bruxism isn't super bad generally, it's certainly worse when I'm stressed and I can feel it all the next day if I've had an especially rough night (no pun intended).

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