Doctors can be wrong? in Hi This is Kat!

  • Oct. 16, 2023, 6:53 p.m.
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Jo had a rough time last night. She had severe gastro pain :( I hate she is suffering so much! I just keep hoping the doctor is wrong. He seems to think from the time she was in the hospital this last time.... she only has 3 to 6 months! A month has already past! Does that mean 2 to 5 months now? I always want to continue saying 3 to 6 because soon it will be 1 to 4 months.... it sounds horrible!!!!! so it could be from dec to march! I am not ready… I know I talked about this A LOT trying to mentally prepare but I am not sure it help a single bit!

My doctor said it is good to talk about it but I am not sure that is good either… as we all know.... Doctors can be wrong!

My son son Docs probably make it sound the very worst possible prognosis… that way when it goes over the the date people are happy?????

Jo came over for supper and she looked better but she had a few drinks and acted slightly tipsy. Her belly looked less swollen because she has been taking her husbands water pills.

Jodie October 16, 2023

Why doesn't she get her own pills? I can never undertsand why people take each others pills because they can do horrible things if taking them for the wrong reason.
And it's a good idea to talk about people especially if they don't have long to live because then it's not such a shock when they do go and you know what to expect.

52-Hertz elephant October 17, 2023 (edited October 17, 2023)


I don't know if doctor could be wrong during a treatment, of course, hindsight is twenty twenty. But my humble opinion, it's for sure, docs could be students and still learning. And when I became sick, i feel docs become my gods, they know everything I don't know, they blab about academic terms, they draw, jot down, scribble down something i can't recognize, buuut... while I'm sick, what my gods were, are doing, I don't know.....
And when I'll get cured, it depends on what they were, are doing....oh, it's unthinkable

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