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  • Sept. 7, 2023, 9:13 a.m.
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I went to my dentist yesterday and got three fillings done and impressions made top and bottom to start work on making a bridge for me. They were very considerate about pain. Having worked in a factory for many years a few needles are nothing as far as pain goes. Pieces of wood entering your skin are like Blunt needles. I surprisingly had fun, good people there. Like a kid waiting for Christmas, I look forward to having a full mouth of teeth again. I was told it would take about five more visits to complete this. I asked about people being ornery there and was told yes some are. Rude. Not cool. Someone is trying to help you and you be rude? Not cool!

In the future I need to be more careful about how I talk in the dental office. I get relaxed and use some words that are better left outside - but it does seem to make the staff laugh. Yes I can speak without profanity but it is fun. The assistant laid her hand on my shoulder and I patted it. To comfort a patient. Smart move. I said I can deal with it because “not everything is sexual” to me I told them. Humans need that light contact.

Because I rarely go out or have reason to, I find I need to be more careful about interactions with people. I have to remember how to talk to people and not just birds or myself ;-)

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