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  • Sept. 5, 2023, 11:03 p.m.
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I find the world a fascinating place. I read much. But I find myself more and more weary of the same shit. I ask myself why am I reading about this if I cannot do anything about it? Such as celebrity bullshit. I will start my self reading about it, a celebrity of some sort, and ask myself to get a grip. I see myself reading about some political things that are the same thing over and over. I do read what I can about Social Security because that is how I survive. But aside from voting for good people, that’s all that I can do about it and live frugally. Over and over political idiocy. I had been posting much about Trump on Facebook and other idiots Akin to him in their idiocy. But it’s the same depressing shit over and over. Memes about such people are no longer amusing they’re just tedious. I’ve heard that you can tell if you’d like a song by the first few seconds of it. That is how my mind is with news articles now. I lose interest if it’s the same idiotic shit over and over. What I think many people do not consider or realize is there’s so much of what they hear and read is merely opinion with little or no fact to it.

I have become weary and exasperated with myself when I feel like giving opinions all the time they don’t mean shit. Unless I’m trying to say something positive and helpful. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of electrical activity in my mind. So much talk is wasteful ego. It’s easy now to read something and tell myself with a little bit of affection and humor. “ shut the fuck up and don’t comment.” So much is about. Hey look at me what a clever thing I just said.

Not caring about so much from we are in his is helpful. The great I don’t give a fuck attitude. I don’t create emotion about stupid shit for that which cannot affect my life.

A celebrity dies and people react to it, like they knew the person. Few did. They’re dead OK you can’t bring them back to life. Their lives like mine were nobody’s fucking business. Not worth getting emotional about. I find it strange people get emotionally invested in fictitious characters in film and TV. These are fictions created by writers. You want to be angry, or feel sorrow about fictitious character? In my past I did, but I saw how ridiculous it was. In my teen years I read series of books, and it affected me emotionally in my real life. It now seems so ridiculous. People get excited about characters in film such as the Barbie movie. What has such an escapist affair have to do with your real life? I’ve asked the same about my feelings for some films I liked.

There is very little that excites me in life anymore and yet so many little things are what excite me and provoke a sense of wonder. Sometimes I hear a song and I feel that. Or something in nature. Every time there is a storm I go out and watch the movement of the clouds. I often find myself staring at and grinning and my two birds. So many of my bodily functions amaze me because they keep me alive.

I weary of what I consider the crazy and stupid. The drama in so many lives that I feel I have already lived and found it to be just a bunch of stupid shit. Arguments and anger are weary some because they’re so fucking stupid most of the time. I will read what a politician said in the right wing because of my liberal bias and think what a stupid motherfucker how could anybody believe this person or follow a stupid motherfucker? There is no longer any novelty to stupidity because my God I’ve seen so much of it in my lifetime.

I weary of cruelty, because it is so unnecessary and that comes from fear and stupidity as well. From violence to simple, cutting remarks, people make to another trying to diminish them. Grow the fuck up. This is not the playground anymore. You are a supposed adult. Then I remember that just because I’ve seen so much of this does not mean they have. The cruel will do the same shit over and over until they learn or die. But as I cynically say, so, many are just too fucking stupid to learn and be better people.

I remember as my father aged, he would say he doesn’t have time for this or that I believe it’s because so much was just bullshit to him that he’s already seen. Such as gossip. Talking shit about other people is such a low foolish thing. Yes I’ve done it before. Insulting other people is the same. So much behavior in people becomes tired some stupid shit because I have seen it so much before. Especially when it comes to people hurting people or other lifeforms.

I think that if humanity had a collective consciousness we could I hope move on saw that so many of us are not so tired of bullshit over and over and there’s a collective consciousness we would agree to just do better and be better.

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