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  • Sept. 4, 2023, 9:50 p.m.
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Before any abuse is tossed my way in comments, let yu know I am an atheist and view life from that way. Now someone can hate me a lot for that ;-)

I am often amused and disgusted when people talk about life being “fair”. Nope! It truly is not. You live a good life of kindness and virtue and when the stick comes around, you got the shitty end of it. OH WHY OH WHY OH WHY????

Children are raped, tortured and killed. The same with other people who never did a single thing to “deserve” it. So many live with a belief that people “deserve” this or that and life is not “fair” if bad shit happens to good people. The religious can throw out brain-dead rationals such as it is, “All part of god’s plan” and other excuses. Bad is the work of the devil or maybe for some reason someone DESERVED that. My brother was killed before I was born and I never talked about it with my parents. It was all hush-hush. 8 years old and total innocence. I think that is what started me on the road to lack of belief in any supernatural beings. Took me a long time but I got here. I used to wonder why god did not stop my father from beating me. What part of his plan was this? Oh, and when I got older I learned about world wars. Pogroms. Genocide. The Holocaust. Slavery. Rape and torture. There were so many wars and so much horror perpetrated by humans on humans and humans on other life forms. I understood that and so much more and had to realize, “No, life is not fair”.

When I worked in the factory, my boss of 40 years would pick me out from most others and yell at me. The more criminal people he would be very friendly with. Oh shit, life is not fair!

I have thought about many events and situations and thought about how UNfair life is to so many. Now I have a view of…


I could have died a few times in my life, but I did not (that I know of). I could have been homeless or drug or alcohol addicted. Crippled by my own stupidity and use of machines wrong. I could have been damaged or killed the few times I drove drunk. Shit happened fair for me. Or maybe I should have died for being such a stupid fuck?

There is a liberating feeling to “shit happens” as opposed to “life is not fair!”. I have had much pain recently from a tooth removed. Shrug. Shit happened - deal with it. So much of my grief when people or pets died was selfish and life was not fair for such people and animals. Shit happened. My parents both died of cancer. No boo hoo. They fucking DIED. It happens. Kids die of cancer too. There is a war raging in the Ukraine in which horrible unspeakable things are happening to thousands of humans and animals. Did any of them “deserve” it for something they did in their lives?

Hell no.

Maybe some but rarely those some. The majority are victims, with and without weapons. Shit happened where they were born and live. They got fucked by life. IF there was a god it could have saved them. If a devil was doing it then god, being all powerful could have kicked his ass and said, “enough of this bullshit!” Let the suffering END.

We hear of mass shootings in the USA it seems every day. Go out shopping or some other public place and it can get you killed as an innocent bystander. What did you do in life to DESERVE that? Nothing. Shit happened and you lost the lottery.

I have been surprised by my recent doctor visits in which after many tests, no cancer or heart disease found. Bad liver but it seems most of us have that. When young I used to think god was punishing me for something with panic attacks. Like dude? What the fuck did you do that would piss off a big big god to have it single you out for punishment? Did not like that idea of a god.

Some people find the love of their life and some never do. Geee life is not fair.

Life is not a fairy tale. Life is not structured fiction. It ain’t a book or a movie. If you get a happy ending, THAT was some GOOD shit that happened!

I live in fear at times of something bad happening to my 2 very innocent birds. Sure, Buddy bites me when he can but I still love him. I fear they may get loose outside and starve and die of thirst within 24 hours. If such happens, I am the bad that happened. But for now, Max saw me drinking a cup of water and showed interest. I got another cup and offered it to Max and Buddy to drink out of. I felt love doing it. I MADE a good thing happen.

Life is not fair but WE can try to even some bad out by doing what good we can. You can think god told you to do it. I will think it is just doing the right good thing. What we need to try to do is be kind and good no matter what shit happens and try to be the GOOD shit that happens to life and each other.

Here are 2 of the good that happened to me. I saved them and they saved me. Having a snack beside me as I wrote this.

kiss kitty bang! September 04, 2023

I'm happy the doctors said you are doing well. Birds are scary to me but yours are pretty.

Scott kiss kitty bang! ⋅ September 04, 2023

It took a while to relax when Max flies into my face and lands on my head. Or when Buddy bites me and draws blood like the protective male he is. Pets can help us be better humans :-) Thanks for your comment.

Zombie Kitten September 05, 2023

That is my motto Scott: SHIT HAPPENS! DEAL.

Scott Zombie Kitten ⋅ September 05, 2023

Do you change your name often on here? I get a new account every six months or so. I get the impression I’ve seen you before on here.

Zombie Kitten Scott ⋅ September 05, 2023

Bingo! :D I am Sammy. :D

Scott Zombie Kitten ⋅ September 05, 2023

Thought so, funny kid ;-)

Zombie Kitten Scott ⋅ September 05, 2023


Desert Rose September 06, 2023

I really like your birds and yes I agree with you life and death happen and so does all the crap in the world.

Scott Desert Rose ⋅ September 06, 2023

I am sure your cats would find my birds very tasty! Thanks for your kind message:-)

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