Listening To New Songs Over And Over in Onward Into Etc.!

  • Aug. 31, 2023, 9:19 p.m.
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I recently found 2 songs by my current favorite group that I liked so much I have been listening to them over and over. I am waiting to get tired of them and let them join the many other songs I did so with in the past.

I recall how when I was a kid, that would happen. Hear a song and just listen to it over and over until you got sick of it. But kept it because you had to buy a whole album to get the 1 song you liked, way back then.

I sometimes look at my music playlists and wonder which songs I have done that with. Which sounds and songs have grabbed me and made me smile and move to them over and over. There are a few I can still listen to over and over. Some I will not tell anyone about. Special pleasures some would never understand the appeal of. Songs that can make an old man time travel back to being a young man, feeling the same way I did listening to it the first 100 times.

There were songs that were perfect for putting on repeat during drunk and stoned times. Some that I would sober up and wonder why the hell I liked it so much then let it take me back to THAT time in my life and find the appeal again.

It’s a positive thing for me that I can find music I FEEL like listening to over and over at my age. Especially if it is rock music. Energetic. So many songs that sounded so good when I was young I still listen to even though, reading the lyrics I see they never made shit for sense. BUT THEY SOUND GOOD! ;-)

Which reminds me to go listen to a lesser-known work by Steppenwolf and wonder how many times I have listened to it since this old bastard of 68…was 18.

❤️vee August 31, 2023

My dad is a huge fan of The Who and I remember the look on his face from when I took a red eye flight from SFO to MSP to take him to a concert of theirs for the holidays. Despite him being a huge fan of the band for 50+ years, he hasn't seen them live. The tickets I bought were no more than fifty feet off to the corner of the state. The smile on his face and him singing along with the songs that I've heard all throughout my childhood, were well worth the $2,000 I spent to have those 48 hours in Minneapolis before I had to go back to San Francisco (where I was living at the time).

Scott ❤️vee ⋅ August 31, 2023

Thank you for sharing this beautiful true story. What a wonderful person daughter woman you are to do such a beautiful caring loving thing. The WHO were my favorite. Currently I listen to a playlist of Collective Soul over and over. It is my playlist of this time in my life. Thanks for sharing your story, beautiful human :-)

Desert Rose September 01, 2023

I sometimes listen to songs over and over but now I put them on an mp3 player and listen to them when I want too.

Scott Desert Rose ⋅ September 01, 2023

I converted hundreds of CDs to music files. Including operas and classical. No more hard copies. Such tech continually amazes me. Find a new tune, buy and download. Play it until I get sick of it ;-)

Desert Rose Scott ⋅ September 01, 2023

I bought a cheap mp3 player and listen to it when I need too or when I'm shopping. : )

Scott Desert Rose ⋅ September 01, 2023


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