The Marvel Of Healing (To Me) in Onward Into Etc.!

  • Aug. 30, 2023, 7:32 p.m.
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9 days ago I went to a dentist office and got a tooth cut out. I have had at least 6 removed in my life. For vanity sake, none in front. I remember one that needed a specialist to do it. Curved roots that had to be cut out. My jaw opened. Then months later after my mouth had healed (I thought) I felt pain and a lump growing in my gum. Something was growing out or being pushed out. I cut open the gum and a piece of white protruded. Released. It was a sliver of bone being pushed out. I pulled it out as I would a large sliver and pushed what fluid there was out after it. It was sickening but amazing. The blood stopped and it all healed. My body said hey they forgot something! And pushed it out to the world. I am familiar with the healing process of tooth extraction. It is a marvel to me. I look at how my gums have grown over the past holes in my mouth. So many of us take a trip to the dentist for granted. There are artists working there. This recent time I knew what to expect. I asked the dentist what he wanted me to do to make his work and my healing better. It went well. We have to help ourselves with the healing.

When I have had surgery in my abdomen I marveled at how my body could be cut open and sewed shut again. How I had to help my own healing process. Nothing magical. Simply sensible. Like so many other times in the past when I was cut and helped to heal with stitches.

Influenza and other illnesses are like storms that rage through us. WE have to be patient and help with it but sometimes, like objects in a hurricane we can only do so much before it consumes us. WE have to be open to the healing medicines and treatments and not stupid stuff that can kill us faster.

I was diagnosed with some mental problems as a kid. It took me a life time to try to understand what so often the doctors could not and some DID eventually help. I had to try to help myself. Not sit back with a tattoo on my forehead of CRAZY and accept that. The same with substance abuse. Nobody else could pray me or lecture me straight. I HAD TO HEAL MYSELF or at least help. I had to stop trying to slowly destroy myself. I found the way. When I was suicidal and others wanted to help me, I begrudgingly helped them help me but it would not have worked had I not been earnestly committed to LIVING. I am straight and sober for over 2 years now. I went through therapy and took it from there. Helping me help myself. No longer getting in the way of my own inner healing. I have a decent idea of what happened to me in my childhood that followed me like a predator stalking me the rest of my life. I have faced it and with a little help from some docs, medicated the monster with Prozac.

I remember working in the factory and often getting wood slivers or cuts. I look back with some amusement at how there would be a painful impact of wood entering my body and then the Scott Team would go to it to help me fix it. Get a grip on it and slowly pull it out. Yanking it out could damage other things. Sometimes I needed help for it. 2 trips to docs to have my flesh cut open to get a grip on the wood and pull it out. I recall once dropping a sharp metal part on my lower leg and watching the blood gush out of my leg. Start moving! Put a hand over the bleed and made a humorous spectacle of myself hopping to the front office trying to hold my blood in. No arteries cut. Just a deep gash. Wrap it and go back to work. Be sure to limp and joke about how I had been hopping. Let it and help it heal.

There were times when loads of wood and other materials would make a wrong move in being moved by a forklift and I got thrown into walls and bruised. No broken bones? Ok heal the bruises. Crushed toe? When the nail comes off, let a new grow back. Nurture it.

To all this there was a part of my mind that looked on marveling at the healing process. Scrape my knees or elbows or other places as a kid and at first feel the shock and horror then that MARVEL at how things healed. Be stupid and pull a scab off and bleed and marvel at that and learn from it. Don’t do stupid and let and help yourself heal.

I have come to patiently marvel at common colds. It is a process. Help yourself the best you can and watch that marvelous body heal itself. Kick the bad guys ass and feel good again. The weakness and sweating and the fever breaking with the flu. The land after a big storm has run over and through it. I had severe blood poisoning once and a wife that thought I was simply badly sick and tried to keep me isolated. I finally begged her to take me to a doc. Doc told me no way I could have beat that. I would have been dead in another couple days without antibiotics. Take the pills and live. Divorce that bitch and heal your life as well ;-)

Too often I and others have just focused on the pain and bad feeling. But watching ourselves heal is amazing. A marvel. Watching a scab turn to scar and insanity turn to peaceful life sailing.

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