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  • Aug. 25, 2023, 9:06 p.m.
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Today I posted a piece of writing about a former coworker. A little later, a political cartoon that at least 2 people found offensive. 1 was a Canadian. 1 person called me “stupid”- along with all other Liberals. The other told me that he knew I had been drinking something called, “Kool-Aid”. I remember it as a drink from my youth. He also said he knew that his IQ was much higher than mine. To him, I sent a very nice reply. The other person I have encountered before and thought, “Oh shit, I missed blocking one of the assholes on here”. SIGH. Yes some sit and watch for things to attack others for.

It is interesting that I was going to write about how I made an error on here in comments with a person. I have a policy of not directly TELLING anyone what to do. Nor do I write nasty insulting comments. My error had been to comment about what I saw as the hypocrisy of a name being used by someone. I thought about it, kicked myself, and deleted the comment. Live by your views Scott and do not be a … hypocrite ;-) It was a good reminder for me. I read a few journals and will sometimes give positive feedback. Most of the time, “Oh ok” and move on.

It is a learning lesson for me. I am my own teacher. The lesson is primarily “Don’t be or do stupid shit”. Be kind. Don’t be or do what you dislike in others. It’s been working but more practice is needed. We are never too old to change and be better people to ourselves and others.

My oldest brother lived a very sheltered life. All his life in our parent’s house. We fought a lot as kids. He’s always been a bit off in the head. Not all there which he knew and would frustrate him. No more fights. I get on the phone and give him a little medicine for loneliness bullshitting with him. Using my horrible huge vocabulary of profanity that makes him laugh his ass off. I sometimes call him names. We laugh. Then I cut that out and tell him what a good guy he is. He tells me it’s ok to cuss him out. No. Not cool. Our father brow beat him for most of his life. I take shots at myself for my brother. Laughter. It’s cool. He lives alone with his cat. Not very worldly. Uses phrases like “peachy keen” and “hunky dory”. Stuff like that. No profanity except “shit” was allowed in our house as kids. He still lives that. He never learned how to cuss like a factory worker. Of which I was. I expose him to that world he missed. This all leads to my referring to someone as a “dick”. I said it to be amusing. He then asked what I meant. No he honestly did not know what it meant. I threw the word “jerk” at him to help him process it. Nothing to do with penises (face palm).

I think a shrink would find this next part fascinating. I often SEE things at my front door. Disclaimer: I am an atheist and thus do not believe in any supernatural stuff. I do believe in weird shit happening in the mind. I can sit here, glance to the front door to me left and SEE someone shadowed watching me, wanting my attention. I sometimes tell them to move on. No, you cannot come in. Most of the time I have no idea who they are or were. I felt I saw a now-dead former coworker smiling at the door. I mentally smiled and waved at him with what I would assume would be my own spectral self. I think that there is often a line of such people at my door wanting to see me because word gets around that I CAN see them. Hey hi how you doing? Ok you cannot speak? I get it dude. If you came in you would be bored shitless so yeah stay out. Or leave my imagination. When I was Believer, I would have gone insane believing I was seeing many ghosts. Now? It is of mild interest and it ain’t gonna hurt me. Imagination or whatever, hey folks, I respect you but we are in 2 different worlds.

I have come to realize that my political views are quite simple. I only use the label of “Liberal” because that best aligns with my beliefs of what politics is for. How a politician should be.
An honest person.
Not owned by anyone.
A true servant of HUMANITY AND THE WORLD.
They can be any race or nationality.
What matters is that they want to do GOOD. Good for humanity and good for the world. Most if not all religious prophets emphasized the view that humans should help each other. Feed the poor and hungry. Heal those who are ill in body or mind. NOT be materialistic or excessively so. To strive to be good, kind and honest - and help others be so.
Loving people.
Not malicious or scheming.
Not selfish.
Not full of ego but full of a desire to help others.
NOT full of anger and hate.
NOT desiring to hurt others but to HELP others - no matter the differences from themselves.

Too often politicians will proclaim how religious they are but then people find they are using a religion or prophet for their own personal gain. I am atheist but also feel a strong connection with Buddhism. Buddhism is to me a very clean religion or philosophy. A big part of it is to practice, “lovingkindness”. And that is literally so. “To practice”. To live it.

I have concerns about the hole in my jaw I try to heal. Often painful but it may take time. Eating adult baby food for nutrition and it is working. I can do it. I tried to meditate the pain away today but it did not work. Need to practice THAT more ;-)

Encouraging signs from my legs. They often feel I need to stretch them. They are telling me to use the treadmill. I have been doing more so lately. I try to make it fun. “Silly walks” stuff like in the old Monty Python sketch.

Enough for now.

JustSurviveSomehow August 25, 2023

Not sure if you watched the debates at all the other night, but there was a lot of "praise God" comments (not that exact phrase but variations of it) and it just seems like a cop out in politics. Nobody knows if God is real. People believe, they don't, or they don't know. It seems almost manipulative to mention God in politics because it automatically polarizes a believer and nonbelievers. Which has nothing at all to do with politics. But people will vote for someone just based off of that, having no other understanding of anything else. Anyone can say they believe in God. I mean the catholic preists who keep getting moved around from church to church believe in God, but that's not saying a whole lot 😬 So yeah. Just a thought!

Scott JustSurviveSomehow ⋅ August 26, 2023

I never watch republicans debate. They have degenerated into the party of lies and hate. They were not always so. 6 of 8 support the biggest liar, trump. Religion is often used to manipulate people. CONTROL them. The Jesus that many believe in is not the one of the Republicans. Heal the sick. Care for the poor and feed the hungry is not their Jesus. I base my like of any group on their collective emotional intelligence. Compassion. Empathy. Love. Honesty. The 2 parties are not the same. The Republicans have voted against school lunch programs for kids. Compassion??? Am I bigoted about them? Only as I am bigoted against the corrupt and cruel in this world. Religion has been used as a tool against the masses since the time of it's creation with the earliest of pagans. Witch trials. Pogroms. Crusades and persecutions. Often with a huge political element to it. Thank you for reading and for your comments.

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