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  • Sept. 11, 2023, 12:35 a.m.
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I haven’t been feeling the greatest physically or emotionally so I’ve been keeping most of my writing on lesser-traveled sites. It’s just that I know my recent entries sound rather down and I don’t want to depress anyone.

“Meanwhile, my sister’s thyroid disease is turning fatal, so the hypochondriac claims. I guess they’ve tried her on different medications over the last year to no avail. She says her thyroid is so swollen it’s affected her voice and now it’s affecting her esophagus. She’s gained 17 pounds and is over 200 pounds.”

When I read the above excerpt from one of my 1997 journals I was like WTF? I don’t remember this bitch having a thyroid disease. The only one I know of that did was my mother. I swear I remember telling her when I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s and she told me her doctor once thought she had thyroid issues but it turned out that she didn’t.

Tom says it’s a sign that there’s something about my genetics and my family having problems with thyroid medication. Also in the 90s, Dad was telling me that Mom had been on Synthroid for 8 years and was having some kind of problem with her thyroid that I wish the hell I had pressed for more information on. But there was no way I could know that I would be dealing with this myself all these years later. Back then my worst problems were asthma, allergies, and an occasional flu and cold. I miss those days! God, do I miss them!

Took magnesium and it only helped a little bit to take the edge off of my anxiety and down mood we’re guessing is due to my body not absorbing the levothyroxine, so I added half a hydro and even that makes me drowsy. But at least it does seem more helpful than magnesium.

I asked the chatbot to suggest what may help with energy and moods that I haven’t tried and it came up with something called Rhodiola Rosea so I asked my docs about it and we’ll see what they say.

Tom is still out of it too. The antibiotics have been harder on him than the procedure itself.

I started my next long trip and for some reason, it started me 27 miles into it. I’m out in the middle of the open desert in Mexico. Nothing but flat land with cactus and big open skies. A place I’d love to live if I was still young and healthy.

The new mini golf course, Alfheim, was released a few days ago. It’s great. Poor Tom is so frustrated that he can’t play because of the stitches on his forehead. The headset has to rest in that area.
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