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  • Sept. 2, 2023, 8:47 a.m.
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I wasn’t going to do an entry today, but I’ll do one if only just to bitch about my shitty health woes. Each year that I suffer, I fear I’m never going to get my health back. Being healthy is definitely a thing of the past for me. Or at least feeling healthy.

Yesterday I spent about 80% of my day feeling exhausted and therefore it played on my mood and made me feel frustrated and totally bummed out.

I thought of going for a walk today, but then I decided to clean the kitchen first, knowing that it would likely suck the energy out of me. I didn’t want the walk to wipe me out and be too tired to clean. Sure enough, I’m a little out of it but I’m more lightheaded than anything else. This is how I felt coming back from Publix a couple of days ago. Really hope I improve once my TSH is squared away!

Tom and I are still 99% sure I don’t have PAH. It will still be nice to have an expert say so for sure. So when I hear those words telling me everything is OK with my heart and arteries, I can then begin the process of elimination as to what’s causing the fatigue. I agree with the docs in that it’s likely mostly on my thyroid and being a little low on B-12. The problem is that the supplements haven’t been helping.

I was able to get referrals for the mammogram and echocardiogram at the same place about 15 minutes away. Still may have to travel a bit further for a cardiologist. First, we want the echocardiogram results for when I see the cardiologist. It may not be necessary to see one, though, if the echo doesn’t show anything questionable.

As for genetic counseling, we have to see if my insurance covers that. I did find that 23andMe checked for 3 variants that I didn’t have that could put me at risk of breast cancer but there are over 1000 variants.

I don’t know about RA, but when I looked into the symptoms of Sjogren’s, I felt pretty sure I don’t have that since I don’t have a dry mouth and dry tear ducts. They’ll still be testing for these things.

Absolute worst-case scenario is that I have chronic fatigue. Doesn’t explain the lightheadedness, but it could just be that I need to drink more and am hungry. I haven’t eaten much since I’ve been up.
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Last updated September 02, 2023

❤️vee September 02, 2023

regarding the lightheaded feeling, how are your kidneys?

Gulf Girl ❤️vee ⋅ September 02, 2023

I won't know until after Tuesday when I go to the lab.

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