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  • Aug. 29, 2023, 5:12 a.m.
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Yesterday we went from having a hurricane watch to a hurricane warning. Things are closed for the rest of the month, and Tom may not be able to get the cancerous spot on his forehead taken care of tomorrow as scheduled.

The airport closed at midnight. Not having to listen to one plane after another starting about now is fine with me. What’s not is the possibility of being evacuated even though it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen at this point. If we weren’t in debt and I was healthier, I would be okay with it. We would have to head south, though, because this one’s going north of us.

We had some thunder earlier but no rain. The weather app on my computer said it was 10 miles away. They say Idalia is 425 miles away.

The video meeting with the doctor went better than expected yesterday. She was on time, young, friendly, and listened very intently to my concerns. She was also very thorough. I’m going to be having a ton of testing done. It was funny because at one point she told me to hang on a second because she had to deal with one of the dogs she was fostering and when I told her we had a pet rat she got all excited and wanted to see her. She was sleeping at that moment but at the end of our meeting, she got to meet Tinkerbella.

This doctor was in Chicago and plans to come to the state to visit her mother soon.

So we discussed my two main problems and that’s getting my thyroid numbers normal without feeling horrible though she agrees that 6-9 could be my personal normal.

Then the other problem of fatigue. On the 5th I’ll be going to the lab for a full panel of blood work as well as AI testing for other autoimmune diseases I could have like RA, Sjogren’s, etc. I will also need to go for an echocardiogram, the mammogram I wasn’t going to go for, and genetic testing. Being Jewish puts me at a higher risk of getting breast cancer and I guess through genetic testing they can better assess your risk. We’re going to check 23andMe and see if that was tested or not. Tom thinks it was and that I didn’t have that mutation.

They may also have me wear one of those Holter heart monitors for a while too. She said it was great that I was so prepared for our meeting and knew exactly what I wanted to ask and all that. Yeah, because the doctors in California were so unhelpful that I learned to get my own information.

No anxiety yesterday and none so far today but I’m not ready to think the spell is over yet. Usually, when it’s that noticeable it’s not just for a few days. I still worry I could be on the verge of another spell that lasts for weeks or even months.

I woke up tired today, as usual, but for once, when I ended up napping shortly after, I actually woke up feeling more refreshed.

More than likely, I will be starting blood pressure medicine. Yes, I am still prone to side effects but if it’s going to help with the fatigue, I’m willing to try anything. It will probably be Losartan, which he’s taking. What sucks is that I can’t use the wrist cuff anymore because it’s not as accurate to get a record of how it is over the next two weeks as they want. I’ve been afraid to use his arm cuff because I know how tight it gets, but I’m gonna have to muster up a little courage. Too many years of prolonged elevated blood pressure can mess with my heart and kidneys if it hasn’t already.

My biggest concern is that I may have PAH and she thinks there’s a chance I could. The thing is that even with treatment which can slow the progression of the disease, the prognosis isn’t the greatest. I wouldn’t be dying next year or the year after, but I may not make it beyond a decade. But hey, I live for however long I live. That’s not what’s important. What’s important is how I feel.
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❤️vee August 29, 2023

hopefully there is a answer somewhere in all of those tests!

Gulf Girl ❤️vee ⋅ August 29, 2023

As she said, it's probably a combination of things, but yeah, I could definitely use some answers and a fix to this shit.

music & dogs & wine August 29, 2023

The news is non-stop about the hurricane there. Same as when we had "Hurricane Hilary" a few weeks ago, and then it turned out to be nothing. The news loves to make everything sound so scary.

I'm glad you found a doc you like, I hope you get some answers! That's cute about her dog and your Tinkerbella 😍

Gulf Girl music & dogs & wine ⋅ August 29, 2023

I got up about 15 minutes ago to the sound of rain. It's been coming down pretty steadily, but yeah, who knows if it'll amount much.

music & dogs & wine Gulf Girl ⋅ August 29, 2023

Keep us posted!

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