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  • Aug. 1, 2023, 1:21 p.m.
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I now officially have two sleep disorders, one treatable and one not. Yes, as expected, I have mild borderline sleep apnea. I’m going to be fitted with a CPAP machine soon enough. Probably not till the end of the year because my next appointment with a pulmonologist isn’t until October 3rd.

When I updated my docs on that and let them know I’ll be seeing the GI doc on the 10th, I asked about the Melatonin receptor. They frustrated me by asking why I was interested, and was it because I was working nights? So I reminded them that I have N24 as I’ve mentioned many times before and told them that regular melatonin and full spectrum light therapy hadn’t done me much good in the past and that’s why I was inquiring about the melatonin receptor the FDA recently approved. I’ll let you know what they say.

Yesterday I slaved over making scalloped potatoes and even though it took an hour or more it was totally worth it. The results were truly delicious! I’m glad I got this set of three Pyrex casserole dishes after all. At first it seemed like the biggest one which is 9x13 was huge and something I was unlikely to use. But it was perfect for the scalloped potato recipe I followed. I used 9 large potatoes to make it.

Finally decided to remove the clumps of artificial leaves that were atop the kitchen cabinets to make it easier to dust up there. Besides, artificial plants are said to bring bad luck. The ceiling slants down low over most of the cabinet tops but there was one in which there was enough room to place the beautiful vase Tom got me for our 8th anniversary or something like that with a lovely cactus-theme design.
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music & dogs & wine August 01, 2023

My husband has sleep apnea, had it for YEARS and refused to get tested. He finally did it a few years ago, got a CPAP and wow, what a difference. He feels so much better, and I don't hear his intense snoring all night!

I have never made scalloped potatoes, but I do love ordering them at restaurants. Congrats on making them at home!

Gulf Girl music & dogs & wine ⋅ August 01, 2023

I hope it will help me because I'm tired of being tired.

music & dogs & wine Gulf Girl ⋅ August 02, 2023

I think it will :)

Nocturne August 03, 2023

My sister Bees has a BiPap machine, and my other sister Julz has a Cpap but doesn't use it most of the time.

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