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Vanilla bean coolatta

The Vanilla Bean Coolatta is a frozen blended beverage provided by the iconic coffee and doughnut business Dunkin Donuts. Coolatta was developed in reaction to Starbucks’ release of the Frappuccino in 1997. Dunkin provides three Coolatta flavors: strawberry, blue raspberry, and vanilla bean. These taste great!

A unique Vanilla Bean flavored syrup, ice, and dairy or non-dairy milk are mixed together to create a smooth and creamy texture. The drink has the consistency of a milkshake or a slushie, but it has a deep vanilla taste that will satisfy your sweet craving. It’s ideal for a hot summer day or as a tasty treat at any time of year. Whether you like Dunkin Donuts’ conventional coffee beverages or want to try something new, the Vanilla Bean Coolatta is a terrific option to try.

Throughout the years, Dunkin has offered several variants and coffee tastes according to the season, and customers have created some intriguing hidden menu versions!

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