Connection in Beginner Meditation

  • March 14, 2023, 5:18 a.m.
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Tonight before bed I sat and meditated for 30 minutes. I suspect it was after the first five minutes my bird Max flew down onto my head and then onto my shoulder. I tried not to laugh or give her attention, but I did bend my head. That way I little and felt her warmth. I continued to try to focus on my breathing, and let go of whatever else came to mind. But it was a joyful thing to feel the bird on my shoulder. I tried to empty my mind and just feel her and my breath in and out. I felt a deep connection as I often do with my birds. The male bird went off to the kitchen to try to make some noise and mischief, trying to open cupboards. I thought I had a good test for my discipline. I ignored him, and the bumping noise of his mischief stopped. When my timer announced 30 minutes was over I brush my face against Max and she tried to bite my ear. I think I broke her meditation. I found buddy the male bird off by some curtains watching us. Not getting negative attention he sat with us in his own way.

I must be doing something in a right way of mind is the bird senses she can sit there quietly with me as I breathe. I suspect she can feel my heartbeat and my breathing and that is a joyful connection. Such connections remind me of what it was to once to make love. The wrestling of impassioned bodies stopped, and there was the sound of breathing and heartbeat shared, and that was true intimacy between two people so much better than sex.

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