3/13/23 in Another Entry ;-)

  • March 14, 2023, 4:40 a.m.
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My oldest bro called me this morning. When family calls, at OUR old ass ages I first wonder who had to go to the hospital. Nope! Bro had to call me and TRY to go into detail about how he had to cut a turd to get a stool to send to a lab. Bro! I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR ABOUT YOUR SHIT! We both laughed. AND he stop talking about is shit.

Wasn’t going to go out today but said “fuck it”. A little bit of snow. Big wet flakes. Felt good on my face. Went shopping at Aldi and had some fun joking with the manager and others. They seem to know me. Manager had a mop and I told him I was glad to see that! BECAUSE it shows I am not the ONLY dumbass that drops and breaks things. I told him I would never speak bad to an armed and dangerous man like him. He brandished the mop and we laughed. I was about to check out but then some little house plants called to me. I had to get one. Damn I got a lot of plants!

Went across the street to Krogers and got some items. Saw a new produce manager I had talked to before in a very fun way. I was very complimentary of her work today and she liked that. I had noticed a difference. Had a nice fun talk. Then I saw more houseplants, picked one up and with a mock series male Karen voice told her to stop selling plants! They always order me (the plants that is) to buy one of them! We then had a nice short talk about the joy of plants (yeah she knew I was full of shit about the anger stuff).

Having bought 2 new plants, I had to go to Lowe’s and get more pots. I felt like royalty when one of the workers remembered me. Fun!

So much for my big getting out of the house social event of the week. I have always thought of myself as being an introvert but then I go out into society and I engage people in cheerful conversation. I try to find good in people to focus on. At Kroger I saw a man with very nice dreadlocks and complimented him on them. He was surprised and delighted I think. At Aldi I saw a woman with 3 little kids and commented on how good they behaved. She was WOWED! Good to see that. I explained to one of the kids how good they were and helping mommy. She grinned and looked embarrassed.

I feel good and feel guilty about it. I have to work on that. It is ok to feel good. To break lifelong habits of feeling dread if I feel good. As-if I am not worthy of it.

I am.

Y’all have a good day!:-)

TrippyNina March 14, 2023

I love how you spread kindness where ever you go! It's a great ripple effect. :)

Scott TrippyNina ⋅ March 14, 2023

I try to, or just shut up. My house is full of rainbows because I have severe flatulence and that’s all I do is fart rainbows. It feels good to be a good person and people don’t like me reaching out like that. Oh well too bad. Good to hear from you kiddo.😊

Queen of Swords 7 days ago

I like how kind you are :). If I see someone wearing an 80s cartoon shirt or 90s shirt or cartoon shirt I'll compliment them. Or I'll ask the cashier how they're day is going or wish them a good day. That's about as far as my socializing goes lol.

I hope you have a good evening!

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