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  • March 10, 2023, 3 a.m.
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Where the smell of mold and mildew is comming from in my bathroom. I do know it’s a fact because no matter what I do to get rid of the smell it keeps comming back when whatever I use stops working. Like the Pinsol and the bleach and even the air fresheners. And I see spots of light gray on the wall where the water comes from the pipes…like the back wall of the vanity. I have found someone who will come and determin if there is actually mold for free so I want to call them and find out for sure.
I have a feeling hubby will say no because he doesn’t smell anything and there is no way in hell that I will be telling the landlady because she will evict me. But first I will be phoning them to ask questions and tell them where I think the issie is and see what they say.
I am getting really tired of having to close the bathroom door and not use the fan because the door swelles and won’t close right and the smell goes out into the hallway and into the other rooms.
I did tell the landlady that I have a strong feeling that the mold is on or behind the instalation behing =d the wall and the land lady say she doesn’t think so. But then my question is where is the smell comming from? Because it’s been cleaned with pinesol and bleach but not at the same time. I asked hubby and he said the mold could be very well on the instalation but then again he doesn’t smell anything.
And I just read that my wood floors in the hall eay might have mold under the boards. I have light brown spots and a line where the spaces between the wood is so I am pretty sure there is rot and mold there too.
The thing I don’t get is why I had to live with this for so long? If this was my house I would have had it fixed the day I found the issue and it would be gone by now. I can’t understand how the landlady can’t afford to fix this and if she did last year or the year before when I noticed it it would have been much cheaper to fix this. But now I think everything has to be taken out and cleaned up and then new stuff has to repalce the old stuff and that is going to cost the maximum.
And the crack in my laundry room cement is now wider and even longer then it was last year and that will cost at least $500.00 to seal and $1500.00 to totally fix.
I hope when she does come and take out the bottom shelf of the vanity that there is still mold under the parts she will be taking out and she will have to replace the vanity. But she thinks all she has to do is take out the bottm shelf and replace it. But the type of wood it is is like the really smooth kind and is not real wood. Book cases are made of the same kind of stuff. I think it’s pine plywood so that is not easy to take out and I am not sure how it can be replaced.
I really dislike and hate cheap people especially when someones health is at risk and I will forever hate the landlady for this and the way I treat her now is like how I would treat an idiot. And everything she says I will take with a grain of salt and I really don’t like salt so it will work out good for me.

Onto something else…

For those of you who have daylight savings time this saturday when you go to bed you need to change your clocks an hour ahead and then you get an hours more sleep. And maybe there will be less accidents.
And on Sunday hubby said he wants to go get some groceries because the store he wants to go to is having a few good prices on stuff that we always get so we will stock up on those things. And for the rest of the weeknd not much will happen.
Dinner tonight will be left overs and I am not sure I will eat much.
Last nights dinner was good and there is no left overs we had bixed fish and frozen French fries and canned corn.

Anyways I need to stop here…
Do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Anaiss March 10, 2023

I really hate the time change. I always change my clocks early in the evening so I sort of get used to it before I go to bed, but it always messes with my sleep and it takes a few days to adjust. The dogs feel it too, it throws them off, especially when it comes to their meal times.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ March 10, 2023

Yeah I know...I do the same as you. after I eat dinner I change the time so i don't have to remeber...the only thing that has to wait is my landline...
Are you in any of the staes that are in the process of changing the time to day light savings time from now on?

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ March 10, 2023

I live in Washington state and we have voted to make it permanent but we can't implement it without the Federal Government's approval.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ March 10, 2023

Do you know why they are taking so long to have it go threw the two houses? I do know as soon as it's passed Biden will sign the law...

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