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  • March 6, 2023, 2 a.m.
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Get along with people especially those you don’t prticularly care for because in the end there will be something horrible that happens and it could be your fault and besides it;s better to tollerate then to hate. I have decided that since I am here anyways and will be for a few more years it’s best I just accept her ways and do what I want.
I wonder if I can just be bisnus like and not get too freindly with her? And make sure she follows my rules like when she wants to come down for any reason just to let me know? I told her yesterday to please let me know when she wants to come so if there is a mess where she wants to work then I can make sure the space is there. She seemed to agree with that. And I also told her I want my rent receipts asap and so I am waiting for those and hopefully I will get them in the next day or two.

Onto something else…
The snow is pretty well gone and the roads and the sidewalks are clear so I have a feeling this will be it for the snow for this year. But then April is on it’s way and it could still’s rare but it has happeend. The last time it did snow in April was April 19th 2008 so anything can happen.
And I am hoping that daylight savings time will be a thing of the past. I am pretty sure B.C. has already pased this into law and we are now waiting for some staes to follow suit. I am not sure why it’s taking so long. But they have 6 months to do so.
This is what I found about the USA and their work they have done to pass this law....

And canada has already passed the law in 2019 and this is what I have found.

What is your thought about the forever time change? I think for me it will be better because then it will be the same number of hours of daylight every season.

Onto something else…

I should stop here and get on with my day....
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Gulf Girl March 07, 2023

What do you mean you'll be there for a few more years? Are you planning on leaving Canada?

Jodie Gulf Girl ⋅ March 07, 2023

No I am planning to move to a new home that actually feels like a home and I have more control over what I do and the law will be on my side. And things will actually get fixed.

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