The Natural Look in Me Being Me

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What is written here is my own personal thoughts and I am not trying to cause any fights with anyone…For the most part I already know what you think.

When you get all dressed up and wear high heeled shoes and put make up on do you think you look like a Barbie Doll? And do you realize that animals are still being used to test these things? And then they are killed. This is all because you want to look pretty and so others can say “WOW”
I was never one to wear much of anything to cover up my natural look. Because I use to pull my eye lashes when I wore mascara and I would always put too much perfume on and I never could wear high heels and as for the make up I always thought it wasn’t me because I was coovering myself up. Why can’t people just accept the way they look without any of these things and then there is noting to cover up.
Here is a question for the men? Do you really care that your significant other or female friend wears make up and looks like some made up barbie doll? Or do you prefer her natural look? And did you know that a lot of colours will stain your skin and lips? And nail polish will turn your nails yellow?

This is what I found, and the truth is I have always known this…,end%20cosmetics%20testing%20on%20animals.

When I look at people I prefer to look at them and not the crap they put on their face and eyes. I know people think that they look better but the truth is they are just hiding their true self and there is so much beauty in them if you just look and see.
I have noticed that the older a person gets the worse they look in make up and high heels and clothes that look like they can’t breathe And all of this is just for a few hours so they can be just like everyone else and fit it. My question is…Why do you really care if you fit in with others if you don’t know them personally?

Onto something else…

The snow is just about gone and the amount of ice is slowly melting because of the rain. I have been no where since last week and I haven’t been up to the landladys mail box to get my mail. Hubby has been doing that. And I still haven’t gotten my rent receipts like she promised she would put them in the mail box. So this weekend sometime hubby will ask for them and wait for her to write them out and then give them to me. But I am pretty sure she will just give some lame excuse for not giving me them. But the sad thing is not only don’t I trust her is anything she says but I also think that when she fixes things she only does part of the job so it breaks again or stops working. It seems like everything so far she has fixed there is something wrong with it again. A few years ago she put in a new faucet for the kitchen sink when there was nothing wrong with the one that I was usuing. And this so called new one was suppose to be better but it is loose at the base and also when she was installing it she used a torch and it caught on fire and didn’t even get the burnt stuff off so it’s still there. And a while ago she told me she wants to put in another faucet and a different shower head but the truth is I like the shower head I have because I got it from the electric company when they were becomming power smart and it works really good for me.

Onto something else....

I really don’t like new things because that means I need to get out of my comfort zone and start using the new stuff which always takes me a lot of time to get use to. I still tried my new air fryer. I have been looking at the control and I finally know the two main ones so that is good. I just need to read up on the tempatures and what inside part if for what.
But the one new gadget I have that I do know how to use is my meat grinder so I will be maikng ground beef and the meat I use is leaner then the extra lean ground beef that is bought at the store and I like that.

Onto something else…

Dinner tonight is going to be roasted Turkey drum sticks and a fresh vegetable I have.
and as far as domestic work goes I just need to fold some laundry and maybe sweep the floor but other then that not much....

I need to stop here....
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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Anaiss March 04, 2023

Well, I guess there are two issues here. The Humane Society has come out against testing of anything on animals, including makeup. I didn't even realize makeup is tested on animals. On the other hand, I have worn makeup all my life and I don't intend to stop now. I WISH I felt like a Barbie Doll when I get all "dolled up" but those days are way behind me. I wear makeup because it makes me feel attractive. For me. And I don't think of it as hiding my true self. My true self comes out in the person that I am. We are each entitled to our opinions, of course. That's what makes the world go round!

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ March 04, 2023

I know for a fact that it doesn't matter what I wear or what I put on my body I still feel like I am constricted and can't breath....I guess I am an odd ball....
May I ask how old you are? And do you think you have aged a lot over the years? I am 59 and when I look at myself I think I look fat and old and I can see my face getting all wrinkly and of course I have that really curly hair that makes me look I am negro but I am not....But everyone says I got the best looking eyes..I think that is because of the color blue they are....

Gulf Girl March 04, 2023

Agree with Anaiss! To each their own although I don't agree with animals suffering. Still, if something has to be tested, I'd prefer it to be on animals rather than humans depending on what it is.

Jodie Gulf Girl ⋅ March 05, 2023

I think there has to be a different way to test things so no animal or human suffers....But then I guess any life isn't worth very much.

theKat March 08, 2023

you are a natural beauty... you do not need makeup!

Jodie theKat ⋅ March 08, 2023

The last time I wore any make up was when I was 10 and then I found out that they test almost everything on live animals and then kill them when they are done with the testing.

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