The Snow Stayed in Me Being Me

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  • Feb. 27, 2023, 3 a.m.
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Oh well, and the thing is I don’t have to shovel my sidewalk because I am not expecting any packages and I am not going anywnere. And if I do I do have winter boots I can wear or my runners. And the only place I really need to go to is the mail box and the garbage bins and I don’t even have to do that.
The snow looks so nice when no one walks on it or drives in it because it looks nice and smooth and like a pure white blanket.

Onto something else…

Hubby and I finally got the counter cleaned and the air fryer in it’s new place. But the plug outlet will only allow one electric item at a time so I need to keep it unpluged when I am not using it. Like everything I need with that plug. I just need to learn how to use it and re-read the instruction booklet a few more times. One of the things hubby wants to try with this is bacon so one of these days I will try that. And I can make a 2 pound roast so I want to try that also.

Onto something else…

I heard and read that us Candians are going to be getting some extra GST in April like we did in October or whenever it was. So that extra miney will help me a lot and I know mine will go to groceries and my brother inlaws birthday present.
I found out he really likes this…
so as part of his present I will make this for him and get him a hockey t-shirt and I think hubby will get him some seat covers for his vehicle but there is a place where they are ddirt cheap but his brother has to tell him where the place is and he needs to ask his friend. So that will be good when it can be gotten.

Onto something else…

I am finding the higher the heat is here the better sleep I have and I am not waking up at 1 am or 2 am and feeling crappy and pissed off at the landlady. And with this cold the higher the heat the better I feel and I figure if the heat stayed here at this temoature I would probally get rid of this cold. But the worst part of it is when I wake up coughing. I would love to get one night where I am not coughing I hope that day comes really soon, because right now it really sucks. But I am feeling better as the days go one so I must be on the mend.

Onto something else…

Dinner tonight will be either fish or chicken. With rice or noodles and some sort of vegetable.
And the rest of the day will be getting ready for work tomorrow and doing what needs to be done.
Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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toddslife February 27, 2023

we ar getting hit right a big snow storm

Jodie toddslife ⋅ February 27, 2023

we are too....It looks like it's really going to suck getting around tomorrow.

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