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Then to fight and hate each other and which the other one was dead or was hurt like you.
The one thing to remeebr is to remeber who the source is and then make your own determinations. I find this is a way better way to just get along and then people will be happier.
I have done this a few times but it’s taken a long time to get to this point and I am much happier.
I have decided that once hubby talks to the land lady and trys to get things fixed I will just let her to her job and not anymore. And the only reason I am going to ask for something to be done will be through hubby.

I have a question that I don’t know the answer to and maybe you can help me with it?
I have noticed that the temapture here has been down at the middle 60’s and I seem to be coughing more when I am sleeping. If the tempature was higher would I cough as much? And would my nose not be so runny where I am sneezing?
I think if the heat were higher I would be feeling much better but then she is a selfish bitch and only cares about the money she saves. And not once since she has been back has she asked me how I am feeling or even if I still have covid. When she came back I lied and told her I had covid so you would think that she would actually care about how I am feeling or even if I don’t have it.
Since the mold issue in the batroom I have had to have the door stay closed and that is fine till i have to go in there and then it’s way too hot when the heat is on and way too cold when there is heat in the 60’s and the smell is just as bad. And when the fan is on the door swells and doesn’t close. So Iam not using the fan like I should be. But then when I do use the fan the mold smell is a lot worse and travels out of the bathroom so I don’t use the fan or keep the door opened.
No matter what the tempature was yesterday I felt really cold, especially my hands and feet and my heating vest does not help those at all.

Onto something else…

Has any one heard of Keto Gummies? My mom told me about them yetserday and when I asked her if she uses them she said no but she did say you can lose weight and not snack or don’t feel hungry all the time. Is there anyoine here who has used them and do you like the results?
and do you think they are worth the price?
I am really leary about these kinds of things and don’t know if I should trust them and for the most part I don’t but I really need to do something about my weight and if this actually works then I will try it.

Onto something else....

So it’s Friday and it’s the start of a weekend. And it’s left over Friday here and that means I don’t have to make a mess in my kitchen. And I really need to do some laundry or hubby might not have any socks or underwear for work. And I really need to do some of the domestic work that is now becoming an eye sore so maybe that will get done today.
I am also getting a on line order today so we should have what is needed for at least a week. And the next order hubby said he will pay but if I have enough credit on my card then I will pay for it. I figure as long as I have some sort of money then I should be paying for stuff and when I run out that is when hubby starts paying. I like this set up then I am independent and feel like I am contributing to the household.

Onto something else…

Well, I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated February 24, 2023

Gulf Girl February 24, 2023

Peace is always better than bickering. I'll have to go look up those keto gummies. Never heard of them before.

Gulf Girl February 24, 2023

Looks like it's just ACV. I've tried ACV shots before with raw ACV, and it didn't do me any good at all. It's all in the calorie count when it comes to weight loss and I need to cut mine unsustainably low to lose weight that it's not worth it to me personally.

Jodie Gulf Girl ⋅ February 24, 2023

Have you seen those diabetes shots that evedently help you to lose weight also? Canada is looking at to make it also a prescription for weight loss...matbe the USA will do that too.

This is what I mean....

Gulf Girl Jodie ⋅ February 24, 2023

Yes. My husband told me about them. They make you lose weight, but make your face look older. Gee, I should hurry up and become diabetic. LOL. Well, I'm at least pre-diabetic.

Jodie Gulf Girl ⋅ February 24, 2023

Maybe ask your doctor what he thinks...because I think they will be very costly and not many will be able to afford it.

Gulf Girl Jodie ⋅ February 24, 2023

I'm not diabetic, and it's not on the market for weight loss here.

Jodie Gulf Girl ⋅ February 24, 2023

well it wasn't here either but I think people lie and go to a different doctor and tell them they are happens here with a lot of medications .

Anaiss February 24, 2023

Hope you have a nice weekend with your husband!

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ February 24, 2023

I intend to....But i think it will snow tomorrw sometime....

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