Rainy Days & Mondays (the Carpenters) in Confessions (Vol.1)

  • Jan. 30, 2023, 6:28 a.m.
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Be strong…and resilient

When I take a certain supplement lots of men follow me around the gym (wanting sex). The problem is that I’m not attracted to men sexually. On the other hand women operate on their own heart energy, so at a whim they can fuck u over. That’s the reality I’m faced with…

Still, I’m focusing on my business, health (mental & physical), creativity, and family. When I focus on that I don’t have time for too much else. Still, the hopeless romantic in me peeps out, yet I’m grounded, so it’s all food. (I meant good, but I need to eat more. It helps with the anxiety.)

With that being said, don’t give up on your heart’s desires. They can come at any time, and if you do the right things, you’ll be aligned with them in a manner where you’ll see that what’s for you can never be undone. You just have to lock into the higher realms guidance about it…

Gracious Lists:

Success in vocations (ie. clients), money for food/gas/supplements/haircuts/media s***, relationship success, strength, inner resolve, good looks, talent/skills, lots of followers online (who actually view my posts instead of being jelly about em & they allow me to shine and be myself), transportation, love, joy, peace, foresight, wi-fi, technology

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