Tuesday in Confessions (Vol.1)

  • Jan. 24, 2023, 7:22 p.m.
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I had to shut off my Instagram again. It’s becoming a weekly thing. It’s the evil from women. Yes, they’re broke.

One of them went through my followers and snaked me for barbers. She’s also not going to work (or school) as a barber, yet she’s already hit up the guy next to her about getting another job.

Ingrite (a workout chic I started following and vice versa) has all of sudden stopped posting workout stuff. She does post pictures of her in different outfits. For a glimpse I thought that she could be someone I’d consider coupling with.

I’m doing really well amidst slow payouts. There’s more loot coming. I’m glad that I have clients, projects, food, a home, good health, inner peace, talent/skills, and I’m exuding the wisdom to succeed excellently amid all the vocations I’m amidst.

My mother (who has been insane for years) accused me of taking her name of the AT&T account (which I did n’t), and she went to my nephew about it. Once I heard that I felt good on asserting that I indeed did not. (Who actually gives a fuck. That’s the petty mentally insane bullshit she’s spit for years. I’ll truly be glad when that bitch is dead.)

Manifestations: I’ll have twice the money in my account that is now (even after getting gas, food, and whatever else), for all the online sessions I did not get today, I get even more

Last updated January 24, 2023

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