Where can I read more about blockchain applications? in Which software developers are relevant today?

  • Nov. 24, 2022, 4:53 a.m.
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Where can I read more about blockchain software development? I have my own game and would like to implement secure payment systems into it. As far as I know, blockchain is used not only in games and on other platforms where secure payment transactions are required.

DavidS 4 days ago

You really are best to find developers who are exactly competent in this matter and develop blockchain applications. Search on the Internet. And most importantly, look at the ratings.

BunnyFlagg 4 days ago

wow, great! what is your game about? The fact that you want to implement blockchain is an incredible advance in your game. If you can also set up a marketplace where you can buy NFTs, your game will be great because you can earn a lot of money. Good luck with your project. Try to search the internet there. there is usually a lot of information about it

valtt79 4 days ago

Good afternoon, everyone. You are all definitely right that the future belongs to the blockchain, and whoever has time to make their own project or game using this technology will soon be able to receive passive income. plus it will also be interesting to the players. after all, they will also receive it .. you can see it here: https://unicsoft.com/blockchain-development-services/

Serelo 1 day ago

A friend gave me his simple game that he himself assembled but then abandoned - as he creates a new game on the blockchain - on which he wants to earn cryptocurrency, but alas, he lacks the knowledge that is related to the blockchain. I followed your link to the site, an interesting server, tomorrow I will send the link to a friend and let him contact them and find out everything...

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