How to record a session of user behavior on the site? in Which software developers are relevant today?

  • Nov. 24, 2022, 10:23 a.m.
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Recently, my site has been losing popularity. Now there are fewer visitors. I want to know what this is about. Maybe I have a complex site structure and it is not convenient for users to navigate it? Is there a way to see how users navigate on my site?

DavidS November 24, 2022

Yes you are right. This actually happens. Users come to your site and it is difficult for them to be there. Lots of pages and transitions. And they just get bored already being on your site. Watching how users behave on your site is a great way to find out what they want.

John077 November 25, 2022

There are several options. You can create a block with a survey. That way people themselves will tell you what is wrong. The second option is either to download somewhere, or order somewhere to write a script tracking actions.

AxelGomez November 25, 2022

It can be due to many factors, the website may not be designed correctly and that makes your users leave it, it may even be difficult to navigate or the content you publish on your site may not be of interest to them, in any way. You should record everything your users do, for that I recommend using this program with their software you can perfectly record everything and in the statistics panel you will see each of the data of each user who browses your site, I hope it will be of great help to you

TeodorR November 25, 2022

Anything can happen. And your option is that the site is not user-friendly, this can also be. You can track the behavior of different users. Through such statistics, you can analyze what type of users visit your site. More interested or not.

Grzegosz November 26, 2022

All sites are faced with a drop in traffic at some point. Attendance can return quickly and even improve performance. If you find a sharp decline in traffic make a comprehensive SEO-audit. You can do it yourself without involving experts.

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