No rest for the wicked in Life

  • Nov. 23, 2022, 7:02 p.m.
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So I wake up at 4 am every morning to serve breakfast at the hotel. I start cooking food at 5 am. My husband knows I worked 5 am to 2:30 today. He didn’t have to work until 6 this afternoon. My husband has a cold and had been leaving his snot rags around the house. He says it’s my fault because we don’t have enough trash cans.

He woke me up from my nap kept trying to jerk my blanket away. I begged him to drive himself. He noticed I blowed my nose and he told me he is glad that I got sick. He said it’s my fault for not cleaning up after him. I told him go fuck himself. He was furious I made him drive himself to work.. buddy I just want to sleep

Talan cooked a nice dinner of mixed vegetables and chicken. He told me due to his cold being to hard on him he plans not to attend his Aunt’s Thanksgiving dinner this year. He said he rather stay home and play his new Xbox he spent his entire paycheck on instead helping me pay the bills.

My mom has decided she is taking a nap. I think I am as well. It will be little over 2 hours my husband will drive home and get me up to run my mother’s chores. My mom is schizo-effective and a bad driver so now I care for all her chores,his chores..what is rest? I don’t know..

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