My soup/stew phobia,my bitchy coworker,the new Xbox and guilt dress in Life

  • Nov. 19, 2022, 9:17 p.m.
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So I have irrational fear of soups and stews. Years ago when I was 15 years old Tommy dated a girl named Tina. Tina was a kind person but her house had a cockroach infestation. Her cockatiels would eat them for climbing in their food bowl. Tina’s mom made tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches. When I wasn’t looking a cockroach climbed in the bowl and drowned sinking to the bottom. I thought it was strange I crunched into something I pulled it out of my mouth to discover I bit the head off of the roach. I ran outside and threw up. I vomited so hard I cried. To this day I refuse to eat tomato soup. Stews I have to drain all the broth off of it so I can see the meat and contents in front of me. This is my one irrational phobia my husband never teases me about because when I explained what created the phobia he gagged and told me he couldn’t imagine going through that. Tonight we had steak and potato stew I obviously drained all the broth off of it and carefully observed the contents while I ate. I don’t have roaches in this house but I still look. Imagine still being traumatized to this day at 35 I still don’t eat tomato soup. Shit like that fucks with you psychologically I don’t think I will ever recover.

Megan my coworker at work decided to go to work early and complete breakfast. I manage to do some of it. She heard from someone that I said all she does is sit on her ass while I do the work. About 90 percent of the time it’s true but due to her working 2 jobs I assumed Megan is exhausted so I never said anything to her except I wish she would help me more. Megan tried to start a fight with me. I told her I am here to earn a paycheck not be childish and petty I told her if she expects to mistreat me that requires her to pay me more. My boss Gina wanted us to talk about Megan’s attitude I told Gina I am not dealing with her shit I just want to earn my paycheck and go home. I will tolerate Megan’s abuse in order not to be chased off from this job. Megan got so abusive to her previous coworker the girl quit her job and that’s how I got hired in September.

I told my boss Gina that is Megan gets much more abrasive we will deal with the situation I figure maybe Megan was having a bad day so I just kept working to get the job done. Gina said she is grateful that I focus on the job and ignore Megan. Look I have pmdd it’s my shitty time of the month. Megan can’t hurt me more than what my period is doing now. I guess I am more durable to insults when I am in pain because the pain distracts me from all anger. You can’t hurt me I am already bleeding and my brain wants me to die. I obviously don’t act on the suicidal tendencies because I know it’s hormonal and only haunts me once a month. I don’t fear you Megan because my pms demons cause me for more issues than she can.

My husband bought him a newer Xbox because his old Xbox is very slow. He volunteered me to pay the power bill but hey he did pay for the groceries for tonight’s dinner and cooked it while I slept. Honestly my husband is a good cook.

My husband felt guilty about the Xbox he bought so he took me to Notoriously Morbid to have me buy myself a dress. I am told him I was fine not buying anything I tried on a Killstar dress. It was a velvet dress with roses,keys,cresent moons and butterflies on it. My husband saw me try to put it up but he said I had to buy it so he didn’t feel bad about the Xbox. I didn’t want the dress I wanted the money to go to my power bill but he guilted me into it. He said he wants me to wear it for Thanksgiving dinner. He knows I have plenty of beautiful dresses he just used the dress to try to make himself feel better.

I got to go to work at 5 am to cook breakfast. Megan is going to be there I wonder what fresh hell she plans to inflict on me. If I can make it through tomorrow I have 2 days off. I will be working during Thanksgiving morning. I don’t even care time and a half will be $15 an hour. We know I will try to work as long as I can that day! I enjoy a fat paycheck.

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