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  • Nov. 18, 2022, 3 a.m.
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Yesterday my dishwasher is niow nit miving everytime I want to use it and open it. Now all has ti be done is the counter top which I hope will be soon. And as for the wall in the laundry room she said she is not going to fix any of it because she doesn’t want to spend the money and the crack in the concreat will just get bigger and longer. And the wal that is cracking in the corner isn’t going to get fixed either because the ground is still moving and when that stops maybe she will fix it but I will not be here when that happens.
And as for the bathroom all she said was for me to keep the ceiling fan going all day every day and that will help. But it won’t get rid of the musty smell and she will not spend any money fixing the bathroom either. And she thinks the hall floor the spots will slowly disappear and the floor will go back to the way it was like new. But I don’t think that will happen becausue I think there is too much damage under the floor boards.
And the filter in the dishwasher she won’t let me clean because she is too lazy to let me and there are screws holding it in place so it will have to get a lot dirtier where it isn’t working anymore.
But then I even asked her what if someone from the governemnt told her to fix these things she told me no she won’t and she doesn’t care if they take away her licence to rent this place.
And she did put the seal on the leak that was outside so now just have to wait and see if she did a good enough job and actually fixed it for good. I will know with the next rain storm.
So things are slowly getting fixed but I am thinking it will be the cheaper stuff that gets fixed just because she is too cheap to get this place up to what I think is a good standard. But at least some is getting fixed....

Onto something else…

Last nights’ dinner I made salsberry steak but I didn’t add the egg or the bread crumbs because of the carb contanet so it was basicallky all protien and vegetables because I also added onions and canned carrots and that added some color. I also made some frech fries but not too many like I usually do.
And to nights dinner is going to be left overs and I am not sure I will eat or not.
And the rest of the day I really should get some domestic stuff done and start wrapping the holiday presents.
And this weekned sometime hubby said we can do an online order for the stuff that we are running out of and need.

Onto something else…
Are you going to watch the the playoffs for the CFL? Who do you think will get the Gray Cup? I would like to see the Bombers get it just because they are the closest team to my city.

Well I should stop here and start my day…
Do have a great day..
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated November 18, 2022

theKat November 18, 2022

wow she is a piece of work! could be that she just does not have the money... many people are just house poor... all they can afford is what it normally is but when prices go up they simply do not have any left over to repair.

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 19, 2022

My mom told me that when something needs to be fix they just get it fixed and it doesn't matter where the money comes I don't understand if someone owns a house why they wouldn't want to fix things in a timely manner so it doesn't get worse? And people can take money from their home equity if it comes down to that. It's for people who are 55 and older and need repairs or just have bills to pay and they don't have to sell their house and the money is due when they move out of that house. here we have something called

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