Use my ashes in a prank? in Life

  • Nov. 14, 2022, 11:56 p.m.
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My best friend Tella of 16 years was talking earlier about cremating me once I pass and shaking the dirt screaming I got a jar of dirt guess who’s inside it.. about the time I thought she couldn’t get stranger she was talking about how she didn’t like my other best friend of 22 years Amanda. Tella for real asked to use my ashes in a glitter bomb to prank Amanda dawn. Tella said Amanda will always remember me because pieces of my me and the glitter would be in Amandas carpet and all over the freaking house. I imagined Amanda’s face and laugh.. is it bad I gave Tella permission to prank Amanda? I don’t know what will haunt Amanda longer me or all that damn glitter.. I am so glad to friends like Tella. Amanda obviously would never forget me because I would haunt her forever with my glitter! Boo!

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