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  • Nov. 11, 2022, 6:16 a.m.
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I was going to work today at 4 thirty am but I had to dive into a ditch today with my car for a person’s safety.. please do the world as favor don’t wear all black and pull a Five Nights at Freddy’s on your bicycle. You scared the crap out of me. Don’t ride in front of my car in the dark. Please use flash lights reflective tape and even glow in the dark paint on your bike. For your safety let yourself be known wear white so I can see you .. God I am glad you are safe but no more jump scares..

Yesterday I watched Enola Holmes yesterday on Netflix. After the first movie my mom asked to watch the second one. We of course watched both. My mom who rarely watches movies really enjoyed them.

Yesterday Ziggy my cat wanted to go out. I put in my pet safe bookbag and carried him. He squirmed getting impatient my mom and I took him to the park and sit him on the picnic table. He sunbathed and enjoyed our pets. On the way home Ziggy didn’t want to go back in the backpack so I let him sit on my shoulder and carried him home. I heard purrs all the way home. My mom and I sat with Ziggy while he played on the wishing well outside on my porch. He sharpened his claws on the wood and sat beside me to get petted.

My new neighbor saw a large black Siamese on my shoulder. I told her this is his way of going on a walk. I explained we often go to the park for him to play on the picnic table. My mom carried Ziggy’s carrier behind me. The lady said it’s so cute I take Ziggy out to play. My cats are not allowed out unless they have supervision. My 4 cats have been inside cats their whole lives they don’t understand. I love them so I protect them. I allow them to sit on my porch but I won’t let them roam off.Ziggy loves going outside the most. I want to make my senior cat happy. It’s better to take him out with supervision instead him running off and getting hit.

My husband was at work until 10 thirty a person bought a bunch of phone plans,lines, phones and internet. Talan just wanted to go home but much like Mr Crabs on SpongeBob my husband’s boss was seeing money. I was so frustrated because I just wanted to sleep. 4 am comes so early when you book breakfast at a hotel.

This morning it was so hot in my room I struggled to breathe. I opened the window for a fry to get in. It was driving me nuts I just needed a bit more sleep. His buzzing was driving me nuts. I chased him around and wacked him with a book. Due to him robbing my sleep the last thing the fly saw was a book titled I’m So Effing Tired by Amy Shaw MD. Obviously I haven’t read this book yet because I am exhausted.

Just about the time I went to take a nap Ash the tuxedo Russian blue begged me to get him some more water. He was meowing. Ash never asks my husband for anything. I am Ash’s favorite. I got up fed and water the cats. Harley who for some odd reason sleeps on the pipes in my kitchen jumped out from underneath the sink and joined Coal, Ash and Ziggy. She nagged me demanding cat treats forgetting she ate all the treats yesterday when she opened the container and proceeded to steal them. She demanded me to go to the store at 4 am and get her snacks.. girl not now I got to work.

I am at the hotel. I need to prep food for tomorrow and keep breakfast stocked. Thank God Talan has a day off. I don’t feel pressured to rush home to get him to work.

I need another cup of coffee. I had 3 hours of sleep. God help me..

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