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  • Nov. 10, 2022, 2 a.m.
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One of these days I am going to spray what I think is mold with bleach on the wall in the laundry room. I talked to my dad and he said bleach will work so I am going to try that. And as for the insulation hubby said don’t spray that because it has fiber glass in it and it will kill me. So I am thinking of using sissors and cutting it off. But what I am going to do is just spary it and see if it comes off. Then when it drys I will spary it again and use a sponge and see how that works. And I might have to keep doing this till it’s gone. Hubby says it’s just water damage but I don’t think so.
Yesterday I did sweep the hall floor and the kitchen and dining room so the floor looks a little bit better. And today I will just continue and do a bit more stuff.
PLus I am going to do the other stuff that is done everyday just so I can get this place into shape and maybe call this home despite the things that need to be fixed.

Onto something else…

Dinner last night was steak and tonight I am thinking frozen fish and then tomorrow is left over Friday and then the weekend. And then a nice quiet weekend where hubby and I will just chill and whatch sports.

Onto something else…
It’s been confirmed that my son will be staying here for the winter holidays so it will be nice to have him here and have a actual family here. And I am starting to get all of my holiday meals bought. Most of it I will be getting later in December and if need be put it inthe big freezer till I need it. There is going to be no baking this year because I know we really don’t need it and hubby only wants low carb and it’s kinda hard to make low carb goodies. It looks like low carb cookies use almaond flour and is basically a keto thing and I am not into that so this year there is no goodies.

Onto something else....

I have decided that I am just going to stay here and do the best I can and just wait for the things that need to be fixed just to break and not work. And then I will laugh and call the land lady an idiot and tell her “I told you so” and then it will cost more to fix. But what I can do I will do.

Onto something else....
Tomorrow is our Remeberance Day so there is no going to work so hubby will be here and not much will be happening and I don’t think we will be going anywhere. And tomorrow for you nice American people is Vetrans day so you get a day of rest also.
By the way who won the Elections? Did the democrats get enough seats?
It looks like trump is bad mouthing hios so called buddies and shoving them under the bus. Why can’t he just leave things alone and let the rest of the people vote for who they think will do a good job? I think most of the republicans will be decent people now that they have seen the light and won’t support trump and they hopefully won’t let him win the next election. It would be really funny if they all just retired if he got to be president again…

Onto something else....

Well, I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated November 10, 2022

Anaiss November 10, 2022

Don't you get tired of putting bandaids on the mold problem? It's terrible for your health. I don't care how messy you think your home is, you should be reporting this issue to the Health Department.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 10, 2022

Even if I do she will evict me and still rent this place out without fixing it....And just wait sooner or later it will get much worse then she will have no choice but to fix it especially if one of us gets sick then she will get sued...

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ November 10, 2022

Those are not solutions. It's obvious that nothing is going to change about this situation. Like I said before, for your own health and your husband's you need to make moving a priority. You're fighting a losing battle. Waiting for one of you to get sick and then "she will get sued", well, that's a lot easier said than done. First of all, why do you want to wait until you get sick? And threatening to sue someone doesn't mean that a lawyer will take your case, and if you do fine one who thinks you have a case, you will incur attorney fees of at least several thousand dollars. Even if a lawyer does take your case, it can take MONTHS to go through the courts and in the meantime, you're still sick, you're living in a dump, and you're spending money on a lawsuit you might not win. And if you do win, can she afford to pay a judgment if you get one against her? Last but not least, If you can afford to sue her, you can afford to move.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 10, 2022

well it has to get pretty bad and it would have to be a gaurenteed win on my part...But I am going to stay here and she will fix everything.

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ November 10, 2022

I don't know why you keep insisting she will fix everything when she hasn't done a damn thing. But whatever. I know you're just trying to cope but I think you're fooling yourself. I just wish you the best with it all.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 10, 2022

So far I have sprayed bleach twice and it looks like the blackness is getting lighter sometime this weekend I will be using a sponge and gloves and scrub it and see. But hubby thinks it's water damage but I am not sure.

crystal butterfly November 10, 2022

I know a lady that almost died because of the mold in her house. They destroyed that house and built a new one. She found a spot of black mold just last week and they are hunting a place for the family to stay until it can be fixed. She knows how dreadful it was last time. If you watch any of the DIY shows or make over shows on TV you will see how dangerous they say mold is.

Jodie crystal butterfly ⋅ November 10, 2022

I know it's dangerous and deadly but the land lady says buying a new vanity is just too expensive but still she could take it a part and look to see if there is any mold and then fix it. I am pretty sure that it's behind the walls and under the bottom shelf. But I am just waiting till we get sick then the shit will stick to the ceiling....

Beret Jodie ⋅ November 10, 2022

Why are you waiting until you get sick? That is honestly one of the stupidest things I have ever heard here in PB land.

Jodie Beret ⋅ November 10, 2022

Well there is no sense on me moving when I know these things will have to get fixed and beside there is nothing else I can afford.

Beret November 10, 2022

Good comments/questions above.

Once again, I ask you, why are you not trying to find another place to live? You are endangering your health.

Jodie Beret ⋅ November 10, 2022

Because the way the rents are here no matter what city I live in I can't really afford it till I am 65 then I get something called Safer and that will reduce my rent by maybe 20%.

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ November 10, 2022

Have you actually looked into finding another place or are you just assuming? It sounds like your husband has a good job. I would at least TRY instead of just throwing up my hands and saying "I can't afford it." And, you still can be proactive and call the Department of Health. The mold has probably already affected your health, you just might not be actually feeling it yet. You write about the same issues every day, the landlady doesn't fix anything, but you keep insisting that she will. I think she knows you aren't going to do anything about it so she has no incentive to take action.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 10, 2022

well our rental market is the highest anywhere in Canada so it's really hard to find something affordable. And I have sort of said that I can get the renal people to come and look and tell her to fix things and she told em just try and I will be looking for somewhere else to live and I can't do that now because I don't have the money to do much.

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