Joy ride in vehicle no oil,flat tires,nobody listens in Life

  • Nov. 10, 2022, 5:10 a.m.
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I told my husband to check the oil on the car that it has been leaking really bad lately and that I think we will need to replace some tires because of a air leak. I told him no long trips until the car is fixed my husband who apparently doesn’t listen to me said ok and went to work. I gave him the car asking him to check the oil and air in the tires before he goes to work. 2 nights ago my husband who didn’t check the oil or tires drove to Covington Virginia an hour and fourteen minutes away for the fun of it with no oil in the car. Alanna,Connor and Talan thought I wouldn’t catch him. I called him at 2:30 am asking him where the fuck is my car doing in Covington. The Life360 app on his phone helps me keep up with him. He said what he was tired and a road trip to his hometown in the dead of night was so much fun. I asked him what if I had to be at work at 5 am? He said oh do you have the day off? Can I kill him now? Did I mention he ran to Covington on a flat tire? How did he not hurt someone!?

Yesterday I was running chores. I picked up my mom’s medicine and mail. I made a mistake having faith in my husband I was driving the car to hear a scraping noise.i pulled over to discover a 35 pound tire was running on its rim.i am grateful I pulled over safely. I pulled out my Everstart jump box and air compressor. I inflated the tire grateful that in 2019 my mom bought this for my birthday present. I took it to a mechanic for them to say they see nothing wrong with the tire and they can’t find an oil leak yet there was no oil when I got there. They changed the oil and wished me luck keeping oil in my car. Why didn’t they fix it? Wtf.

I told my husband early yesterday morning he can’t drive the car with no oil and no spare tire knowing the tire is leaking to Covington Virginia my husband said I never let him have any fun. I reminded him that his Subaru Baja still needs body work and cannot be driven that if he destroys my car we are fucked. My husband ignored my pleas and cussed me he only got an hour of sleep before I work. I asked him who’s fault is that consider he drove around his hometown all night? We got in a big fight. He wanted the car and I asked him for what another road trip to run my car without oil? He cussed me going to work.

My mom and I after we had them check the tire for damage and an oil change we went to Aldi for some groceries. My mom was trying to open cheese she decided to eat right there when I offered to pay for it so she could eat it by the time I came back she was munching on nachos. I sighed frustrated. She often has low blood sugar so she eats in stores and purchases it later. Loss prevention in stores follows us around they get so let down when she buys everything at the register. I have a pet peeve her eating in the store like that but if I don’t let her do it she passes out from blood sugar. Mom is recovering from anorexia anytime she convinces herself to eat is a damn miracle. I wonder if that’s a side effect to her schizo-effective? She takes her medicine but little quirks remain.

I make about $600 to $800 a paycheck. I work 40 per week’s. I work 5 am to around 2 each day fixing food for the hotel,doing dishes and cleaning lobby during that time my husband watches my mom for me. When it’s his turn to go to work I drop him off and spend my afternoon with mom. With the price of inflation and bills you figure I would barely get by but a surprise bill always leave us to struggle or a dreaded car repair. I don’t know how anyone survives.

Christmas is coming. I am the Grinch. I don’t like music,movies, decorations or anything relating to the holidays. I can’t afford to pay for happiness. Seasonal depression sucks.

I think I am just going back to bed. I am tired of this life but it’s the only one I got..

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