The drama of the truck in Life

  • Nov. 8, 2022, 7:57 a.m.
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I was given a 1998 Sonoma in 2014 by my mother in law Dee. My husband, I, Dee and my parents took turns paying thousands trying to stop that truck from randomly shutting off in traffic. Tons of mechanical work. In 2020 I was driving my mother to do her chores she got angry because the truck shut off. I drifted it over to the side of the road to wait after it would wait 15 minutes it will drive again.

My mother who was over my trucks weird mechanical issues went out and purchased me a 2008 Impala retired police car. She told me park the truck. Dee wants the truck back to give away for parts to his friend. Considering it was a gift give to us and we can no longer afford to fix it I don’t see anything wrong with giving it back. It just sits in the driveway does nothing. My mother threw a fit saying she fixed it several times and wants Talans mom to buy the truck. I just want it out of my damn driveway. Lets cut losses and move on. Mom isn’t happy but I say give it back and let someone else deal with it’s problems. What’s your opinion?

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