Snow Is Comming in Help Me Please

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  • Nov. 6, 2022, 1 a.m.
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Yesterday there was a snow advisory all day and it’s suppose to start today. So that should be fun. But from what I read it’s not suppose to stay so it could be a slushy mess when hubby and I go out tomorrow to do some gropcery shopping at one of my favortie stores.
But yesterday it was nice and sunny and a bit warmer so I guess it made up for todays rain.
Oh well what ever this winter will be like I will most likey compalin no matter what happens.

Onto something else…

So today we are just going to chill and not do much. But I do need to start cleaning things here because whatever I cook or cut or chop or pour get on the cupboards and they don’t look clean. But then being white doesn’t help either. I would never have anything whote in my home except maybe for the walls white just gets way too dirty even when it’s clean and I don’t like that. So I will be cleaning more then I have been but I will not be overwhelming myself…One thing at a time and then time will take care of the rest.

Onto something else…

So the time changed and when I woke up i realized that I changed the time the wrong way. But all of my clocks now are fixed so now I can be surprised that it’s only 5:15 AM and not 7:15 am Oh well nap time will be later.

Onto something else…

Dinner last night was really good it was low in carbs and very filling. This is going to be one that I will do again.
Not sure what we will have tonight but it will be something tasty and good.

Onto something else....

The power finally came on for me at about 10:30 am when I finally woke up and this is how it effected most of B.C.,55%2C000%20customers%20remained%20without%20power.
They tried to fix it when the power first went out but it was too windy and not safe so they all went home till the morning.

Here is a question for you…Out of ll the services you pay for what one is the most detrimentle when it gets lost? You heat? Your water? Your phone or your lights? I can’t pick just one but the two for me would be water and my lights. (which is the electricity)
We only realize how important these things are when they stop working and then we go into a panic and we then look for alternitives to use. But people with generators don’t care one way or the other.

Onto something else…

Well today hopefully will be a good day despite the rain, snow and cold and it will be een better because hubby is here.
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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theKat November 06, 2022

yuck snow! I hope we don't get much snow this year at times we do not get any snow

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 06, 2022

It's not very often we don't have snow..but because we have the moutins they get a lot of can stay there...

toddslife November 06, 2022

wow Yesterday we was in the 70 s

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